This is the cloth of Atlas one of the Corona Saints who follow Abel.

Peculiarities of ArmorEdit

Carina the keel means (basic structural part of a ship) of the mythological ship Argo. It was part of the mythological figure of the ship, which represents the ship of the Argonauts, and was divided into three parts in the eighteenth century: Carina, Vela and Popa.

Carina in Chinese AstronomyEdit

In Chinese astronomy, constellation Carina were divided in two areas. The areas are:

  • The Vermillion Bird of the South (南方朱雀, Nán Fāng Zhū Què)
  • The Southern Asterisms (近南極星區, Jìnnánjíxīngōu)

If we look at the areas, possibly constellation Carina in Chinese sky is almost not seen, except Canopus (Alpha Carinae), and Canopus is "south pole" in Chinese sky. Possibly Miaplacidus (Beta Carinae), Aspidiske (Iota Carinae) and Avior (Epsilon Carinae) are bright stars in this constellation that never seen in Chinese sky

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