Carina Atlas (りゅうこつ座 (カリナ)のアトラス, Karina no Atorasu) is one of the three Corona Saints that protect Abel in the third film Saint Seiya: Legend of Crimson Youth, and is certainly the leader of the trio and the one who survives the longer posing many problems for the Bronze Saints.


Abel Warriors

Atlas is one of  Phoebus Abel Saints and used since mythological times. When Abel decides to return to Earth to see his sister Athena, he accompanies with Berenice and Jao. Along the way, God raises the dead Gold Saints in the battle of the Sanctuary. He said finally Saori sacrifice on behalf of the Earth Gods.

Fight Against the Gold Saints

Athena listening music from his brother at Temple Corona when she decides to oppose it. She does not want the Earth to be sacrificed. Abel immersed in sleep so it slides gradually into the realm of the dead. Capricorn Shura and Aquarius Camus do not hear well and oppose God. The Gold Saints are then easily defeated by Corona Saints.

Fight Againts Seiya

Seiya wants to go alone Dignity Hill Atlas but goes on his way. Bronze Saint is full of doubt because he thinks that Saori was abandoned. It strikes Atlas but it has no difficulty to parry the blows of his opponent. Corona Saint uses his Burning destroys the Pegasus Cloth. Seiya can not offer resistance and sank into unconsciousness again hoping Athena.

Fight Againts Hyoga

On the way back Atlas hits Ikki and Shun with his Burning Corona after the defeat of Aphrodite. Atlas expects  Hyoga to Dignity Hill with Abel and Bernice. God wants the Swan creates an ice coffin for Athena. The Holy balks and wants to create one for Abel. Berenice decides to confront Hyoga.

The Battle of Hill Dignity

Atlas is the last survivor of the Corona Saints. Hyoga, Shun and Ikki arrive turn to Dignity Hill but get beaten quickly. In turn, Shiryu  Rozan Sho Ryu Launch Ha and Seiya Pegasus Ryusei Ken. Atlas easily dodge the attacks and hit the Bronze Saints must admit defeat.

At this time, the Gold Cloths of Aquarius, Libra and Sagittarius appear and put on Hyoga, Shiryu and Seiya. Atlas is repelled by Shiryu and Hyoga before being beaten by Seiya's Pegasus Sui Sei Ken.