The Capricorn Cloth is the cloth of the guardian of the tenth temple of the Sanctuary: the house of Capricorn. It is one of the highest class of the cloths that Athena's Saints wield, the Gold Clothes.

Special Abilities Edit

The Capricorn Gold Cloth, while having all of the strength and endurance of a Gold Cloth, has no special traits that make it stand out as a cloth.


The Capricornus constellation has basis in the story that told when the monster Typhon attacked, the god Pan jumped into the river to escape. His upper body remained that of a goat, while his lower half became that of a fish. It is this event that gives the constellation its name and image.

Another variation of the story is that when Zeus was being raised in secret by mountain nymphs to protect him from Cronus, Zeus was suckled by a magical goat, Amalthea. Amalthea was special in that she never ran out of milk and could easily produce food from her horns (the origin of the Cornucopia, or horn of plenty). When Zeus finally grew into adulthood, to honor Amalthea he placed the goat's image among the stars and gave one of her magical horns to the nymphs who had protected him so they would never be hungry.


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