The Canis Major Cloth is the cloth of the Saint Sirius in Saint Seiya and an unknown Saint in Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas. It is of the second class of the cloths that Athena's Saints wield, the Silver Cloths.

Loyal DogEdit

The Canis Major constellation represents the hunting dog of Orion, Sirius, which could be seen as helping him hunt the Hare (Lepus), or perhaps even to fight off Taurus. This is the bigger of the two dog constellations for Orion, the smaller representing the dog Laelaps.

One Sad BitchEdit

Sirius trained to be a Saint in Sanctuary, Greece by an unknown master. The cloth was likely kept in Sanctuary until a Saint worthy of wearing it was found. He follows the orders of the Pope and is among the three Silver Saints to follow Leo Aiolia in case he should betray Sanctuary Sirius and the other two Silver Saints attempt to kill Seiya but he kills all three of them with the Sagittarius Gold Cloth. Sirius fares the worst of the three, not even getting off one attack before his death.

Previous WarEdit

The Canis Major Saint was killed early on and off screen in The Lost Canvas. The previous wearer of the Cloth comes back when Hakurei calls for those who fought with him in the previous Holy War.

Special Abilities of Silver Cloth of Canis MajorEdit

The Canis Major Silver Cloth, while having all of the strength and endurance of a Silver Cloth,has no special traits that make it stand out as a cloth.

Techniques used by Canis Major SaintsEdit

  • Great Mountain Smasher


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