God cloth Cancer Lancelot
Japanese 蟹座 (キャンサ ー) ランスロット
Romanization Kyansā no Ransurotto
Alias(es) The Knight of the Lake

The lost Saint

Lancelot of the Sacred Sword Arondight Bearer of the Sword Maldita

General Information
Classification Knight of the Round Table (Formerly)

Gladiator (Formerly)


Deity Chaos Athena
Cloth Cancer Cloth
Black Cloth
God Cloth
Kamui Cancer God Cloth
God Robe
Ars Magna
Sacred Sword
Constellation Cancer
Evil Star
Abilities shown
Named techniques Curse Sword Activate

Drawn Sword Holy Sword Embodiment Holy Sword Tower Zangeki battō Lady of the Lake Abysmal lake Arondight Property Open Kyou Doku Baiei Dokuso Kakusan Poison Sword Drawn Sword Hobaku no Mizūmi Amata no Tsurugi

Items used Arondight
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Place of birth
Place of training
Place of death
Blood type
Zodiac sign
Master Viviane
Debut Episode G - Assassin - Chapter 2 "The Curse Sword of Betrayal"
Appearances Saint Seiya: Episode G - Assassin
Japanese voice
English voice
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Cancer Lancelot (蟹座(キャンサー)のランスロット, Kyansā no Ransurotto) is a character from Saint Seiya: Episode G - Assassin, he was a Saint of the Round Table and was number one knight. Now he is a gladiator. In his Shura is his king, Arthur.Lancelot is nicknamed the Lac du Chevalier. Later, it is revealed that Lancelot is a Gold Saints.

Personality Edit

Lancelot has great respect is an obsession for the wearer of Excalibur. When Arondight damaged the gladiator gets angry.

History: G - Assassin Edit


Lancelot was trained in combat by Viviane.

Saint of the Round TableEdit

Agravain who discovered that Lancelot and Guinevere maintain an adulterous relationship denounced, following it with Lancelot Arondight Agravain murdered and the twelve Knights of the Round Table to save Guinevere sentence of being burned alive and to be able to face his King Arthur

Excalibur vs ArondightEdit

Lancelot stood in Shinjuku - Kabukicho in search of its king. Arriving, he engaged in a war against Sacred Sword Shura of Capricorn. During the fight, Lancelot explained that he wanted to kill his king of his blade, which is why he had done this. To end Shura, Lancelot used to Embodiment Destruction countered Excalibur, Lancelot impressed Shura invited to join Sacred War Swords and left the scene of Battle.

Excalibur vs DurandalEdit

At Kyoto, Kyō-ō-gokoku-ji, Roland and Lancelot discusses with his clash against Shura.

Becoming a heroEdit

Lancelot rebuked Wadatsumi had to work to kill the Faceless because it put too much time to kill. The granddaughter who wanted to become a heroine asked Lancelot a Sacred Sword, it gave him advice to kill a large number of people in the name of justice.

Ice, snow, water and fire Edit

Lancelot du Cancer
During the fight between Wadatsumi and Hyoga, Lancelot involved in breaking the ice created by the Shura Knight and challenged in combat. Soon the gladiator used his techniques began to hurt the Gold Saints. Shortly after Lancelot equipped himself with Arondight and called Viviane who used Amata no Tsurugi to send many swords on Shura who equipped himself of his armor. Excluding his desire to kill his king, Lancelot used his technical Arondight Property Open diffused that toxins in the air. Seeing that Shura was rising, Lancelot was pleased, and used another of his techniques that poisoned the Gold Saints. Seeing that Arondight had just been damaged, Lancelot got angry and attacked Shura. Soon the gladiator panicked because he was afraid of being rejected by history

Techniques and abilities Edit

  • Curse Sword Activate (魔剣起動(カース・ソード・アクティベート), Kāsu Sōdo Akutibēto): The user burns their cosmos to the maximum, and pronounces the command or name of this technique, the Gladiator is then coated by their Sacred Sword as if it were armor, this makes their swords become part of their defense and their attack. After pronouncing Uragiri no Tsurugi Drawn Sword (「裏切リ乃剣」 抜刀(ドロウ・ソード), Uragiri no Tsurugi - Dorō Sōdo, Blade of Betrayal - Drawn Sword), Lancelot raised his cosmo to concentrate on his arm right, thereby achieving the strength of his Sacred Sword , Arondight, which he then proceeds to raise skyward striking with his outstretched arm a large column of energy, which destroys everything in its path is created. The destructive force of this movement can be felt throughout the city of Tokyo, causing great destruction and a major earthquake around. 
  • Holy Sword Embodiment (聖剣具現(ホーリー・ソード・エンボディメント), Hōrī Sōdo Enbodimento): A sword technique used by Gladiators after wearing their Sacred Sword like armor; the Gladiators, by raising their cosmo to the maximum are able to realize the strength of their Holy Swords found within their spirits, this is movement is considered the true power of the Gladiators.
  • Holy Sword Tower (聖剣屹立(ホーリー・ソード・タワー), Hōrī Sōdo Tawā): Using their Sacred Sword, the user launches a huge cut of cosmos that destroys everything in its path until slicing up their opponent.
  • Emerald (绿宝石(エメラルド), Emerarudo): A technique used by the materialization of the Sacred Sword, Lancelot creates a cosmos spear that rises to the sky and then drops making a single cut to the opponent.
  • Abysmal lake (深淵成ル湖, Shin'en Naru Mizuumi): A technique used by the materialization of a Lake Obscure as dark as the entrance to the underworld, the Lancelot uses his right foot where water begins to sprout Very obscure that forms from an immense lake and which serves to invoke to his Spirit Guardian Viviane the Lady of the Lake.
  • Hobaku no Mizuumi (捕縛乃湖, Hobaku no Mizuumi, lit. "Lake of Captivity"): A technique used by invoking the Abysmal Lake that imprisons the opponent leaving him immobilized, then Lancelot proceeds to disperse hundreds of swords in the air to hurl against his opponent in the form of raining blades.
  • Lady of the Lake (湖乃乙女, Mizuumi no Otome): A technique used by the materialization of a Lake called Abysmal Lake, Lancelot invokes his Spirit Guardian Viviane Lady of the Lake Where she emerges with 2 cosmic swords in front of the opponent.
  • Amata no Tsurugi (数多乃剣, Amata no Tsurugi, lit. "Several Swords"): It is a technique used after invoking the Lady of Lake Viviane, she creates mules swords of purple cosmos that elevates to the sky to then drop to a single point against the opponent.
  • Arondight Property Open (裏切リ乃剣 属性開放 (アロンダイト・プロパティ・オープン), Arondaito Puropati Ōpun): A technique used by the materialization of a rather long saber, the Gladiator Lancelot used his left arm to create an extension in the form of saber construct of cosmos, which has the Ability to hit a fast and accurate cut to the opponent.
  • Dokuso Kakusan (毒素拡散), Dokuso Kakusan, lit. Toxins Spreading): A technique used by the materialization of toxic bubbles that rise to the sky, scattered Gladiator bubbles containing toxic smoke, affecting the Saints and the City.
  • Kyou Doku Baiei (狂毒煤煙), Kyō Doku Baiei, lit. "Smoke Poisonous Madness"): It is a technique used by the materialization of toxic Bubles that rise to heaven, the Gladiator Lancelot uses his right arm raised in dorsal position to the Sky to create bubbles that contain toxic smoke, affecting the Saints and the City.
  • Poison Sword Drawn Sword (毒刀抜刀 (ポイズン・ソード・ドロウ・ソード), Poizun Sōdo Dorō Sōdo): A technique used by materialization and use of toxic causing great disruption of the opponent 's central nervous system, Causing them to immobilized, to lose the reflexes, the eyes and the corporal functions.

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