Carbela (カルベラ Karubera?) is a young woman, the owner of the inn Scorpio Kardia visits regularly.


Descendant of a family celebrating the god Quetzalcoatl, Calbera was soon orphaned by her father and unaware of the secrets of her family. Growing up he opened a tavern which became a meeting place for the inhabitants of the small Mexican village where she lived. One day they entered the inn, a group of dark-skinned men who called themselves the Jaguars, who attempted to kidnap the young innkeeper, however, was saved by a young stranger, newly arrived in the basement along with a girl named Sasha. The rescue, however, also meant the partial destruction of a wall, which Calbera forced to close early. Having also noted the mood of the little Sasha, she offered to host it on her for that night to cheer her up, forcing Cardia (with whom he had quarreled little to no damage suffered by the inn) to look for another place to spend the night. A little later, was Carlbera sveglaita by Sasha, who had warned that Cardia was in danger, in fact, shortly after they found him on the ground near what was the head of the Jaguar (Huesuda), who claimed to have entered a tusk of obsidian in the body of the young to take the heat generated by his diseased heart, and then the same heart offriere Calbera the Sun, furious at the behavior of man, walked up to him who (in reply) hugged her, trying make them remember that "once the two of them together" before you leave. She returned to the tavern with his two guests, the young revealed that he had noticed around the neck Huesuda an obsidian mirror with the symbol of the Aztec god Tezcatlipoca (the god Quetzalcoatl always opposed by) and that this could have a relationship with his family but their discussion was interrupted by an assassin of the Jaguar, Nahualpilli, who even managed to kidnap Cardia sconffitto by Sasha. The young man passed out shortly after, because of the tusk in his body and his heart mitochondrial disease, and Calbera him back to his house to treat him.

The girl then went to the Temple of the Jaguars, hoping to reason with their priest, but the hypnotized so that they could take part in the ceremony Citali Ixca.Despite the awareness of hypnosis Calbera was not entirely nacora assopit, and the young wept shortly after hearing the intentions of his "companion", and then recover his senses shortly after coivolta in an explosion caused by the power of Tezcatlipoca, being aware that the little Sasha was the reincarnation of the goddess Athena, his seizure of assitendo cosceinza this new role and Tezcatlipoca of imprisonment at the hands of the Greek goddess.

To thank his friends and reassure the Cardia small that would not die, Calbera Quetzalcoatl used the powers available to it from the heart of the young togleire for Fang obsidian, telling the little story of his family (then awoke in her knowledge after was controlled by Huesuda) arrived on Earth from another world as a result of the two deities.Finity adventure, Calbera returned to his life of daily re-opening the inn, hoping in return, one day, her two friends.

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