Caina in the colored map of the underworld.

Caina (カイーナ Kaīna) is the first circle of the frozen hell of Cocytus, overseen by the judge Wyvern Rhadamanthys.

Overview Edit

Caina is a square building raised three steps, with a cylindrical tower occupying each corner. Albeit smaller than Judecca, Caina is a large structure, and is located at a point of the river Cocytus where the ice shrinks, in a way to make passage through it and the next spheres necessary to reach Judecca and the Wailing Wall. On each wall is a large passageway, and smaller openings on each tower. Five statues representing wyverns dot the roof of the structure, one in each tower and one (larger and more detailed than the four surrounding it) in the central dome of Caina, facing the main entrance.

Mythological roots Edit

In Dante Alighieri's Divina Commedia, Caina is the first of the four circles/sections of Cocytus (the ninth and lowest circle of the underworld), and is where the traitors to blood relatives are sent after they die. It is named after Cain, from the Cain and Abel story in the Abrahamic Book of Genesis, one of the sons of Adam and the first human to be born (his brother Abel was, in contrast, the first human to die, by Cain's hand).

Appearances Edit

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