Early Bronze Cloths

The Pegasus, Dragon, Cygnus and Andromeda Cloths

The Bronze Cloths are the lowest class of the Cloths that Athena's Saints wield, and the most common. There is a total of 48 Bronze Cloths. They provide the least protection, and cover the least amount of flesh, generally, but they also tend to have special abilities that make them unique. According to Aquarius Camus, Bronze Cloths freeze in a temperature of -150°C or less. They break with a pressure of 4000 kg, as shown in the Galaxian Wars Arc. Unlike the Gold Cloths (all golden) and Silver Cloths (mainly gray, blue, and green, but also in other colors), the colors of Bronze Cloths have more variety, and only a few actually have a bronze color.

Bronze Cloths

Introduced in Saint Seiya

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Cloths with varying ranks