Boötes Bayeroo
the cloth has a silver guard the mouth of the stomach color and pelvis is a celeste green color, protection of the arms and legs is quite "simple" decorated with yellow color, protective Arm extend from the knuckles to the elbows surrounded by a " whip " on each foot guards extend the knees to completely cover the feet, the knees of silvery color with details in black stretch almost completely to " rosarse " protection of thighs, the tiara has a similar finish to the tip of a spear of black color where a third is placed " whip "in the front protection takes silver color with a detail of yellow equal to that in , arms chest and legs of armor, shields meguillas resumed their black color finishing to the chin , chest protector unifies with shoulder pads which are of silver color like the front in the middle of the chest is the " detail" yellow.

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