It is one of the Rebel Black Saints who were under the command of Ikki. He along with Black Lionet, Black Wolf, Black Hydra and Black Bear .The black also had the mission of seizing the Sagittarius Cloth and kill the Bronze Saints. When Seiya and company faced the Black Saints.Black Unicorn and others also had problems with these.

This team led the Black Saints. Black Unicorn prevented and company reach the company Pegasus and to help them regain the golden armor, and besieged in the coliseum before they could leave. Black Unicorn faces at the Coliseum, who easily hit as this is injured, and defeats him easily. Have compassion Black Unicorn who let live to fight again against when recovered, intone up to the place where I watched the fights Saori Galactic Tournament to find the Staff of Saori, feels it is something valuable and take it.

But his teammates are having problems with the bronze saints, then decides to help but is stopped by Black Unicorn who has managed to stand up and join forces for the second round, but the Black Unicorn beat it again. Just as this to help their colleagues, a black phoenix appears and informs that the Swan, Pegasus, Andromeda and Black have been defeated Dagon, and Ikki is waiting. Then urges his comrades to stop stripping slope and disappear.

Betrays Ikki as he suspects to be defeated by the sentimental tie to his brother Shun who softens ever more the character of the Phoenix, and this will not return as ordered, aims to create his own clan of Black Saints. Just when Seiya and the others lose parts of the Gold Cloth and only keep the helmet, Jabu and company are after the Black Saints led by the Black Unicorn to recover the Staff of Saori. The reach near a city where Black Saints planned supplies of money, knowing that stained the name of Saint Athena. Finally face again. Both groups Saints fight against its counterpart and thus give another great start to fight five simultaneous fights.

This time the Unicorn is determined to take his life. who at first falls again under the power of the Black Unicorn, but this is starting priate horn Unicorn cloth considering it valuable, awakens in the bronze sainst fury of the Unicorn and a rotation of the fight is Jabu who stops the horn of his Black Cloth. After this totally loses control of the fight and is finally defeated by Jabu who gets the staff, but not before listening Black Unicorn threat words that would retaliate, after this the Black Unicorn falls and it seems his death but no one can be ensured.

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