Black Swan (暗黒スワン, Ankoku Suwan ?, Ankoku Swan) attacked Hyoga Shun and then first appears near the edge of the Mansion Kido which leaves the mark of the cross of the swan in a tree where they trained small Ikki and Shun. The brand is found soon after by Andromeda Shun Black Swan and then causes heavy snow in the area.


The Black Swan appears in the woods outside of Kido Mansion. Shun sensing a strange Cosmo in the vicinity, goes out to investigate, under a heavy snow storm. Then he finds a tree when he and Ikki used to train when they were children, which still have the marks of their punches. Surprisingly, it also has a mark matching Cygnus' cross. Suddenly the tree breaks in half, revealing the presence of a menacing Cosmo, as the snow in the area turns black. Shun tries to use his Nebula Chain to trace the enemy, but the chain does no react due to the extreme cold. A warrior wearing an armor simliar to Hyoga's Cloth appears in front of Shun, who asked him who he is.

The warrior reveals himself as the Black Swan Saint, and attacks Shun, with his Black Blizzard, freezing him with his black snow and knocking him down. He steps on his head stating that he does not look like his brother Ikki and that he's a coward. When the Black Swan is about to finish the helpless Shun, suddenly his arm freezes.

Hyoga enters the scene, and tells the Black Swan that he will regret carrying the emblems of the Swan, and he will prove that he is the true Saint. He transforms the black snow white.

The Black Swan defreezes his arm and uses his Black Blizzard to freeze Hyoga in a block of black ice. However, Hyoga uses his Cosmo to break the ice and counterattacks with his Diamond Dust. The Black Swan dodges the attack, but his right leg freezes.

When he is about to finish the Black Saint, a black chain appears and attacks Hyoga. The Cygnus Saint jumps and dodges the attack, Three more warriors appear, revealing themselves as Black Pegasus, Black Andromeda and Black Dragon, The Black Dragon tells the Black Swan that Ikki want to see the four Black Saints immediatly. The Black Swan joins them and they escape.

When the four arrive at the presence of Ikki, he instructs them to keep different parts of the Sagittarius Gold Cloth that he had stolen. Black Swan is responsible for keeping the shoulders of the Cloth, and then they all promise to recover the pieces that are missing from the Cloth and are in Athena's Saints hands .

Black Swan reappears in Death Valley where he meets Cygnus Hyoga again. Hyoga tells him that he should know the outcome of combat, and he is no match for him. The Black Swan uses his Black Blizzard, but Hyoga uses his Ring of Ice to trap the Black Swan, rendering him unable to move.

Hyoga offers him to spare his life in exchange for his part of the Sagittarius Gold Cloth, but the Black Swan tells he rather die before they give it. Hyoga then attacks him with the Aurora Thunder Attack knocking him down and trapping him in a block of ice except for his head and left arm.

Hyoga he says he does not want to kill him and tells him to surrender. However, the Black Swan tells him that from now on their attacks are useless against Ikki. He then gouges out one of his own eyes and sends it to Ikki through some sort of teleportation. Then the block of ice that was the Black Swan explodes and dies.

It must be noted that in the anime, instead of taking one of his eyes, the Black Swan freezes the Swan emblem in his helmet an rips it off, sending it to Ikki.


Black Blizzard (黒吹雪, Burakku Burizādo ? , Blizzard black). Like the Diamond Dust Technique that Swan Hyoga uses, except that snow and ice generated are black, and less powerful.