Black Phoenix Ritahoa (リタホア, Ritahoa) is a unique character created by Takao Koyama for the Gold Jump in 1, in the Outside story # 1. In this story, along with his comrades, put Shun and Ikki into real difficulties.


Ikki has returned to the Island of Death to go to Volcano to regain strength, but the Jango Saints will block, among them is the Black Phoenix. He appears to Ikki, he finally sees his image in a black saint, as did his friends. The black Phoenix throws his illusion of the Phoenix, and  piece having an illusion that looks like a huge black Phoenix starts to hang him, but thanks to the call of his beloved Esmeralda gets itself replenished. So far Ikki has been without his cloth, but now it has left the influence of attack rival dons his cloth, and he says to be prepared because there is only one Phoenix on this earth, and throws his attack Hot Wings Flying the Phoenix, and the Phoenix finally wins black.


Black Phoenix Illusion: like lightning through his mind, and he produced his worst pesadiyas illusions in his mind.