Ankoku Phoenix (Ankoku Fenikkusu) is a warrior who serves Jango, previously it was Ikki, but after his defection joins Jango. In the anime fights Ikki when he returns to the Death Queen Island, but Ikki defeats him.


Black Phoenix is ​​one of the Black Saints of Death Queen Island. Black Phoenix is ​​put under the command of Jango, who became head of the Knights after the departure of Phoenix Ikki from the island and his subsequent binding to the Knights of Bronze. Black Phoenix appears, along with 3 Black Saints, to eliminate Ikki Phoenix when he returns to Death Queen Island. He succeeds in separating Ikki from his cloth box, preventing him from wearing his cloth, then he manages to subdue Ikki with his attack, an alternate version of the Hōō Genma Ken. Black Phoenix tries to drown Ikki while he is under the influence of the Hōō Genma Ken, but lets go when the Saint falls completely under the illusion. At that time come Andromeda Shun, Pegasus Seiya and Cygnus Hyoga that see their friend completely unresponsive. Ikki finally gets rid of the Hōō Genma Ken through the breaths of Esmeralda, then wears his armor and Phoenix Black reminds his own words saying that the world doesn't need two Phoenix and one must die. He then attacks Black Phoenix with the Hō Yoku Tenshō and with the real Hōō Genma Ken, eliminating him.

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