Black Pegasus (暗黒ペガサス, Ankoku Pegasasu) is a dark counterpart to Pegasus Seiya


In the anime

He first appears outside the Kido Mansion along the Black Dragon and Black Andromeda, to find the Black Swan fighting with Cygnus Hyōga, mandated by Phoenix Ikki. Black Swan meets with them and 4 disappear. When they arrive at the presence of Ikki, he instructs them to keep different parts of the Golden Armor of Sagittarius that had been stolen. Black Pegasus is responsible for keeping the waist of the Sagittarius Cloth and then they all promise to recover the other pieces. Black Pegasus faces against Pegasus Seiya in the Valley of Death. Seiya asks who he is, and Black Pegasus says he is his double, one that defends evil. Black Pegasus begins attacking with a flurry of kicks that Seiya manages to dodge. Seiya counters with the same technique toppling Black Pegasus. Black Pegasus fights back, but soon succumbs to his own poison and dies.

In the manga


Black Ryusei Ken (暗黒流星拳, Burakku Ryūsei Ken), also called Black Death Punch (黒死拳, Kokushi Ken). An attack similar to the Ryusei Ken attack used by Pegasus Seiya, Black Pegasus throws a number punches at supersonic velocity. The difference is that shortly after the attack hits its target, dark poisoned spots appear all over the body of the victim, causing the sensation of burning from within. Once the poison completely spreads though the body of the enemy, they die. Its effects may be counteracted by extracting poisoned blood through the starry points of the infected individual, as shown by Dragon Shiryu.



Black pegasus in manga

In the collection of letters from Saint Seiya Black Pegasus has blond hair and tanned skin is in addition to looking more youthful and less evil.