200px-Perros de caza Negro
The Cloth of Hound Dogs Black is the "Black" version of the original cover by Asterion Cloth.


The cloth is identical to the original manga but has a completely black tone, hands start from the knuckles to the elbows in the same protection has a few "designs" or "relief" located on the elbows and two "designs" located slightly after knuckle protection, the chest being identical to the manga has some "connections" with a central chest protection, seat has a central shield that protects the pelvis of black saint and his side has two small guards, foot also presents an almost "simple" design although knees presents a "design" or "relief" similar to that found on the elbows, thigh pads has three "designs" similar to those found in the pechara, Yudo do not use a helmet or shoulder pads nor tiara so it is impossible to know its shape and design.

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