Black Dragon's Brother also referred to as "Hidden Dragon" (伏龍, Fukuryū) is a blind character and exclusive in the manga Saint Seiya. He also wears a Black Dragon cloth.

History Edit

While the enconter of Dragon Shiryū Vs. Black Dragon Shinadekuro inside the Mt. Fuji caves, the "Hidden Dragon" acts as a hidden shadow aiding his brother to locate his target while Shinadekuro was blended in the darkness. Because of his blindness, the "Hidden Dragon" sense of hearing was fortified. But he dies quickly by one blow at the first instance Shiryū noticed him.    

Anime Version Edit

On episode #13, the Black Dragon's brother was removed from the storyline and the events of that fight were moved to a snowfield on the "Phantom's Hill" (a fictional place setted by the writers).

Side Stories: "Nebula Chain: Chain of Brothers" Edit

Under Takao Koyama's script, in the Jump Gold No 1, Side Story #1 the Black Dragon's brother along with his twin brother and comrades put Andromeda Shun into real difficulties.


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