Black Dragon (ブラックドラゴン, Burakku Doragon ? , Black Dragon) is one of the black saints that served the evil Phoenix Ikki.


Black Dragon first appears outside the Mansion Kido alongside with the Black Pegasus and Andromeda Black, to find the Black Swan Hyoga who was fighting with Swan, mandated by Phoenix Ikki. Black Swan comes with them and the 4 Black Saints disappear.

When they arrive in the presence of Ikki, he instructs them to keep different parts of the Sagittarius Gold Cloth that he has stolen. Black Dragon is responsible for keeping the chest of the Sagittarius Gold Cloth, and then they all promise to recover the pieces that are missing from the Golden Armor of Sagittarius. Black Dragon appears when Andromeda Shun is fighting against Black Andromeda, sent by Phoenix Ikki to see if Black Andromeda needed help. Black Dragon tells Black Andromeda to finish off Shun and not waste time. Black Dragon presence ends the battle between Black Andromeda Shun and Shun finally winning. Black Dragon tells Shun that if he can beat him to the also get a total of 6 parts of the Sagittarius Gold Cloth. Then comes the Dragon Shiryu tells Shun that he will fight the Black Dragon and is responsible for helping Pegasus Seiya was in the bottom of the cliff.

Black Dragon Shun tries to stop a kick, but Shiryu is put through and stops him with the shield of the Dragon. Black Dragon Seiya tells them he has no chance of surviving, but Shiryu tells him that shall endeavor because Seiya is your friend. Black Dragon says he does not believe in that, and then both are released to the other with a small exchange of blows. Black Dragon again and move against Shiryu Shiryu kick that elusive release almost completely and makes a small cut on his forehead. Black Dragon continues his attack and is taking advantage of Shiryu until he gets him down. Both are thrown against each other again and fall back Shiryu's who. Black Dragon says that now that you have left is bleeding just finish him off. Black Dragon Shiryu attacks with a powerful shock wave that causes one finger of his hand, stamping to Shiryu against the wall behind him. Black Dragon Shiryu tells his armor is very strong, and had to be restored by someone very wise.

At that time Black Dragon remembers what the restoration process of reinforcement, and that can only be bathing the armor with the blood of a gentleman. Black Dragon Shiryu lifts and says he knows because he was protected and not attacked. Black Dragon asks for combat being so weak, and Shiryu tells him to do it for friendship. Black Dragon Shiryu up to the neck and knocks him out with one punch. Black Dragon Shiryu advantage that is down to avoid can save Seiya Shun, but Shiryu decides to use the power of Fiery Dragon though too weak to use it. Challenges the Black Dragon Shiryu and takes off his armor to attack, and get hit but then begins to lose much blood and fainted. Black Dragon is buried under some rocks, but finally gets out of them. After Black Dragon, instead of attacking Shiryu, he instead hit Shiryu's point to stop his bleeding and he says that he was saved by the friendship which Shiryu had spoken during combat, and soon dies after the hit that gave Shiryu before. This makes Black Dragon the only black saint that friended one of the bronze saints before he died.


There is no known technique used by the Black Dragon. Only seen him use a finger to produce a powerful shock wave at high speed.

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