Black Crow Ruse (暗黒烏星座(ブラッククロウ)のリュゼ, Burakku Kurou no Ryuze) is a member of the Nero and enemy of Athena's Sanctuary


Rusé introduces himself as Black Crow Ruse, revealing his allegiance, and considering his beauty even greater than Pisces Albafica's, he engages him in combat, easily negating the Gold Saint's attack by means of his Black Feather Defense technique, and also through his command over crow. He secretly conspires to kill Cancer Manigoldo and Albafica, to steal their Gold Cloths. Ruse is later killed by Avido as punishment for his failure to defeat Pisces Albafica.


  • Black Feather Defense (ブラックフェザーディフェンス, Burakku Fezā Difensu):


Corvus (the crow in Latin) is a minor constellation with only 11 stars visible to the naked eye. γ Corvi (Gienah Gurab) and δ Corvi (Algorab), serve as indicators to find Spica (α Virginis). The brightest star in Corvus, γ Corvi has an anomalous chemical composition, with high levels of mercury and manganese as well as unusually low levels of aluminum and nickel, being included within the group of stars of mercury-star manganeso.Otra interest Corvi is η, where an excess is detected infrared radiation, which indicates the existence of a circumstellar disk. Recent observations show that most of the 100 AU inner disk of this material are relatively clean, suggesting it may have been cleared by a planetary system. Within the deep sky objects should be emphasized to NGC 4038 and 4039, two interacting galaxies known as Antennae Galaxies. Are experiencing a galactic collision and the nuclei of both galaxies are joining to form a supergalaxia probably elliptical type.