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Black Andromeda
Ankoku Andromeda

Nihongo ブラックアンドロメダ
Rōmaji burakku andoromeda
Biographical information
Age 14
Occupation Black Saints
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 170cm
Weight 58kg
Loyalty Godless
Saint Seiya Anime Episode 9

Voice Actors
Japanese Seiyū Kaneto Shiozawa

Skills information
  • Black Fang Nebula/Ankoku Nebula Chain

Black Andromeda(ブラックアンドロメダ, Burakku Andoromeda ? , Black Andromeda) is a character from the manga and anime Saint Seiya. First appears outside the Mansion Kido along the Black Dragon and Black Pegasus, to find the Black Swan Hyoga who was fighting with Swan, mandated by Phoenix Ikki. Black Swan meets with them and 4 disappear.


In the animeEdit

Being quite smug (evil that affects all the "Saints" Black), is responsible for protecting one of the many parts of the Golden Armor of Sagittarius. First we know when he saves from certain death to his counterpart the Black Swan Hyoga's hands.

Shun attacked with his "black strings" (Black Fang Nebula) while it was attempting to remove Pegasus Seiya from the abyss to which product had fallen from pain inflicted by the Meteor black. Since Shun refused to defend (since the fall of Pegasus ocacionaria), it dropped into the abyss by cutting the chains. Sad and angry, Shun breaks the chains and kills the Black Andromeda with a single attack.

In the MangaEdit

It has a small cross with Ikki, trying to defend Jango, but is easily defeated by the newly converted Phoenix.


Black Fang Nebula (暗黒流牙星云, Burakku Fangu Nebyura ? , black fangs Nebula): use his chains similar to Andromeda Shun for their attacks. The black chains can be transformed in many bloodthirsty snakes around the enemy completely and you are sucking the blood slowly. When the chains is broken, the snakes disappear when chain back to its original shape.

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