Black Andromeda(ブラックアンドロメダ, Burakku Andoromeda ? , Black Andromeda) is a character from the manga and anime Saint Seiya. He is one of the Black Saints


In the anime

He first appears outside the Kido Mansion along with Black Dragon and Black Pegasus, as Black Swan was fighting Cygnus Hyōga. Black Andromeda uses his chains to interrupt the combat, saving Black Swan from a certain death. Then the four Black Saints disappear.

Black Andromeda then appears at Mount Fuji, attacking Shun when he was trying to rescue Pegasus Seiya from the bottom of a cliff after his battle with Black Pegasus. Black Andromeda attacks Shun with his Black Fang Nebula, creating snakes which try to suck Shun's blood. The Andromeda Saint refuses to defend himself as this will mean letting Seiya fall into the abyss. However, Seiya himself cuts the Nebula Chain and falls.

Enraged, Shun attacks the Black Andromeda with his Nebula Chain using his full power. The Black Fang Nebula is no match for the legendary Nebula Chain. The black chains are destroyed and the Black Andromeda Saint is killed with a single strike.

In the Manga

It has a small cross with Ikki, trying to defend Jango, but is easily defeated by the newly converted Phoenix.


Black Fang Nebula (暗黒流牙星云, Burakku Fangu Nebyura ? , black fangs Nebula): Black Andromeda's chains can be transformed in many bloodthirsty snakes who surround the enemy completely and suck its blood slowly. When the chains are broken, the snakes disappear and the chais revert back to its original shape.