Black Altar Cloth is the alternative of a 24 cloth bearing the Silver Saints serving Athena version. It is inspired by the constellation symbolizing the altar where the first Olympic gods formed an alliance to face the Titans. Like all Black Cloth, its color is black, the same color appearing in the manga Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas, but whether as Black Phoenix Cloth more than one Black Altar Cloth.


In The Lost Canvas this cloth is Version 1 and alternative Altar Cloth has a similar design appeared in The Lost Canvas Saint Seiya and the Taizen , although with notable differences wings. At rest also a highly decorated altar form the base of the chest protector and crown or helmet , while the lateral supports of the base form the pads. Supports the "table" of the altar are the protectors of the arms and legs, the same table, next to the central motif base, forms the protective skirt, while part of the motif centrally kneepads . Apparently circular portion Appear chest protector can be used to temporarily trap a spirit inside as the Original Cloth , Cancer Sage as did the spirit of Thanatos , after he and Hakurei Cosmo cumulate inside Cloth for 200 years. It also appears capable of storing objects inside of that ornament to the wearer of the armor can be accessed through the ornament with Avido hand without damaging the reinforcement , as if it were a dimensional portal to the Original Difference armatures Altar appeared in the Lost Canvas Saint Seiya and the wings Taizen this Color is Black .

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