Benetnasch Eta Mime (エータ星ベネトナーシュのミーメ, Ēta-sei Benetonāshu no Mīme) is one of the seven God Warriors in the series Saint Seiya, created by Masami Kurumada. Mime was called Beneton dubbing in the first, headline used by the Network.


Mime is a traumatized young who murdered his foster father Folker, who took care of him since he was a baby. However Mime resented him due to him knowing he had killed his real parents. During the battle with the Saints he faced Andromeda Shun, who could not use his chains to attack, because they did not perceived him as an enemy. Mime concealed hatred, which remained in his heart. Ikki, who came to the aid of his brother, let him see the reality, his stepfather was a noble person who took care of him and killed his parents unintentionally. Mime to discover that, freed his hatred and so Ikki defeated him. Mime died, wishing to be reunited with Ikki in another life, but in a peaceful world without strife or war.


Stringer Requiem (ストリンガー・レクイエム, Sutoringā Rekuiemu): Mime plays his harp, and several strings are fired at his opponent. The strings begin to strangle the opponent. Mime plays the harp while the sound waves of music, gives the enemy unbearable pain. When the music ends the opponent dies. Mime also uses a variation where he creates illusions of himself to play the harp, deceiving the enemy.


  • He is named after the Nibelung Dwarf Mime, brother of the dwarven king Alberich, who trains and takes care of Siegfried
  • Mime has a similar attack style as Lyra Orphée, who is one of the most powerful Silver Saint under Saori Athena's banner. However, unlike the Lyra saint who uses his lyre for all of his techniques, Mime can also fight using physical techniques.
  • Within the video game Saint Seiya: Soldiers' Soul, it is notable that while most of Mime's dialogue imply that he has more physical attacks than Orphee, it is the complete opposite in terms of gameplay as Mime focuses mainly on magical attacks (i.e. using his harp) and any signs of brawling are within heavy attacks (when pressing triangle on PS3/PS4 controller).