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Bat Wimber

Nihongo 地察星 バットのウィンバー
Rōmaji chisatsusei batto no winbā
Occupation Specters
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Loyalty Hades
Saint Seiya Anime Episode 12 (TLC)

Voice Actors
Japanese Seiyū Tōru Nara

Skills information
  • Nightmare Sonar

Bat Wimber|地察星バットのウィンバー|Chisatsusei Batto no Winbā}} is a the {{nihongo|Terrestrial Judgement Star. With Dullahan Cube, he is an assassin sent to Greece by Pandora, ordered to kill Pegasus Tenma. He has shown bat-like capabilities and attribute, such as staying upside-down under a rock cliff, the taste for blood, having extremely sharp teeth, and being able to control bats. He is able to injure Taurus Aldebaran, but is overwhelmed and killed by the Saint's strength. One of the new Specters introduced in Lost Canvas.


Wimber's Surplice is based on the bat, a creature long held in association with death, evil, darkness and the night. In Mayan mythology, bats were considered gods of death and decay, and were linked with the Mayan Underworld, Xibalba. Those coming to the realm were forced to undergo a series of tests, including passing through and surviving six great houses, often filled with treacherous conditions or deadly animals; the fourth of these houses was the House of Bats, filled with the creatures, which would attack intruders. However, in Native American stories, Bat could serve as simply a trickster animal, like Coyote, and in other cultures bats were even counted as good or auspicious animals.

More famously, bats, especially the vampire bat, are often rendered as the signature animal of the vampire. The famous Count Dracula, created by Bram Stoker, both can turn into and control bats to do his bidding, in addition to other creatures. 

Special TechniquesEdit

Nightmare Sonar (ナイトメアソナー Naitomea Sonā?): Wimber calls forth massive amounts of bats, which unleash ultrasonic waves that brings the opponent into a deep slumber. It appears that these waves affect only the victims' hearing, as Aldebaran is able to repel their effect by puncturing his eardrums.

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