Shelley is an Fairy serving Balor


Shelley is a woman who announces her arrival with a sad whimper in the wind. She believes that death is the only fate of warriors and deadly.

Although always shedding tears over the fate of the people whose lives will end, while displaying a terrible smile on her face, admitting that sadness is a feeling that Banshee likes.


124px-Shelley armadura

Shelley saw his Armor

After escaping Conner with the help of Failinis and Regulus , Balor decided to call Shelley to seek and delete them one by one. Recognizing Cruaich as guest of god Balor , Shelley accepts the following orders and goes to its mission.When he heard a sad whimper from where they stood around Conner and Regulus , but young people assumed it was just the wind. Finally, the two boys decided to investigate the cause of the sound.Not far away, they found a gruesome scene; Failinis was seriously injured in the river with his sword stuck in his chest, while a dark-haired woman crying over his body. The woman looked at them, and said that a warrior's death was unfortunate, and that both meet the same fate.

Regulus felt the aura of the mysterious figure was similar to that emitted by Cruaich , even with his eyes closed and tried to attack with his Lightning Plasma , but not enough to cause harm to the mysterious entity.After complete regeneration of Cruaich body, Shelley used his technique, Rain of Lamentation . Regulus protected Conner and fled posteriomente beside her on his horse, also carrying the body of Failinis that despite the injury, he was still alive. Shelley complained of having to carry out his murderous mission, but then said he liked this sadness.

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