Ban is an instructor at the Steel Saint training school and is the former wearer of the Lionet Cloth from when Seiya was the wearer of the Pegasus Cloth.

Chronology (86)

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Chronology (Pallas-Hen)

New War


Ban walk to Palestra

As fighting intensified between the Saints and Pallasites , Subaru and Kōga go to HQ Steel Saints . They did however find that the ruins and are attacked by a group Pallasites led by Dager Hati , they have faced before. These are put to flight by the arrival of several Steel Saints, once the enemy on the run, lead to Subaru and Kōga deducted from Saints camp of a new kind.

Having sensed the danger, the Steel Saints had been evacuated prior to a safer place. Once at camp, Subaru comes face to face with his two teachers. Ban and Nachi , Kōga that explain what the Steel Saints and tell him they are very proud of what he and his companions have made ​​preventing Mars to achieve its objectives. They also offer the two young men to accompany them to the Palestra where they should be grouped. While Subaru reveals the true purpose of his visit, get a new Steel Cloth to replace the one damaged by the recent fighting, Ban takes to party and reproached his total ignorance of what a Saint worthy of the name should be, and how it should behave. Subaru fled, leaving the two professors sigh, obviously accustomed to his lack of respect for authority.

Later, Hati and a group of Pallasites more important than before attacking the entrenched camp: the incessant chatter of the young Saints did not escape him, and that is precisely what he wanted: to use them to discover in hiding Steel Saints. very early warning is given by Nachi and the front lines are formed: the battle between Steel Saints and Pallasites began.

During the fighting, Ban command directly Steel Saints but also takes part in the action, easily sweeping Pallasites. However, Hati uses Chrono Delayed to paralyze most of the warriors of Athena. Only stay Kōga, Subaru, Nachi, Ban and few Steel Saints. Ban, helpless against the flight time is considerably weakened. It will however be saved, as Nachi and Koga by the awakening of the cosmos Subaru. The latter, mad with rage after the death of his friend Erna , quickly puts an end to the fight by unveiling a technique that Hati is not able to resist.

After the battle, Ban and his troops are determined to get to the Palestra, after a last tribute to Erna , died in battle protecting Subaru .

Defend Of Palestra

Once at the Palestra, Ban quickly falls on his old traveling companion Geki, and the opportunity to see for himself the consequences of actions Pallasites: Hundreds of refugees flocked to the Palestra, brought there by Saints scattered throughout the world. Although Geki to display his usual good humor, they quickly in an office away where Genbu, Saint of Libra, look for the small company. Ban may be that attending the lesson made ​​by the Gold Saint , Bronze Saints unconcerned about their Cloths and overconfident in their ability to defend.

A little later, when the Bronze Saints digest the passage of soap, and Nachi it can not help but tease Subaru about his bragging and lack of training. It is only a few minutes after a large troop of Pallasites Soldiers encircles the Palestra. After the death of Genbu.and the withdrawal of Pallasites. Ban and Nachi remain within the confines of the school to organize the defense of the breach with the Steel Saints, but can not do anything against a new attack conducted by Hati. After the intervention of Seiya and rescue the Palestra by Athena, Ban is among those who take advantage of this respite before resuming the war.

Battle Of Pallas Belda


ban used lionet steel amor

Afterwards, the Saints counterattack and invade Pallas Belda to stop the Pallasites at once. During the battle, many clothes are damaged, and Aries Kiki arrivers to repair them. The pallasites decide to attack at that moment to destroy the clothes, but Ban returns, alongside Geki and Nachi, all three donning custom Steel Cloths based on their old Bronze Cloths, and manage to hold back the Pallasite forces.

Battle Of Pallas Castle Gate

While Athena and his protectors progress through Castle Pallas, Ban and his companions joined by Raki, continue to struggle to deny access to Pallasites. When Shiryu, Kiki, Fudo are forced to use the Athena Exclamation against Hyperion, Ban feels the immense cosmos release resulting from the clash between the forbidden technique and attack the Pallasite First Class.

When Kouga and his companions finally manage to reach Pallas Chamber, Subaru finally found the memory failed him and returns to its original form, that of the god Saturn. Like all Saints present Ban feels the enormous cosmos unfold.

Nevertheless, he continues his fight alongside Shaina , Emma and Group Steel Saints , having been visibly separated from Shaina , Geki and Raki . Amidst the fighting, they attend the flight of Seiya and Bronze Saints wearing their Omega Cloth . But as they continue to protect access to the Pallas Castle, they are attacked by a regiment of elite warriors under the direct orders of the god of time . Alongside their students , Nachi and Ban take good but the unexpected arrival of Aegir overcomes resistance . Victims of Phantom Arm which power is restored and enhanced by a fragment of the Great sword Tenchihômetsuzan. Ban and his companions owe their salvation to the providential intervention of  original Steel Saints who , using the unique characteristics of mechanical cloths , manage to push Aegir . However, while they were on the verge of defeat , Shō , Ushio and Daichi are victims of the power of their Steel Cloths and lose control .

Then again Aegir is in a strong position and is ready to finish with the three original Steel Saints , Emma intervenes and reminds everyone what makes the strength of the Saints . Rejuvenated by the cry of the heart , Ban and his companions leave to fight and lead a final charge against the Pallasite . However, they are blocked by the overwhelming power of the Phantom Arm. But while the Pallasite is once again about to end , sacrifice and willpower Emma gives courage to all the Steel Saints present. Aegir then found , aback the Steel Saints have created a miracle : they awaken briefly to a fragment of the Omega. Gravity created by Pallasite is then broken by the cosmo together , leaving the possibility to Emma to rush their opponent to strike with all his strength .

Emma then soars alone on the Pallasite , whom she strikes a series of Steel Bolt Arrows. However, its determination is insufficient to defeat his enemy and it encloses in his gauntlet .However Emma timely rescued by Jabu , who is responsible for the defeat Pallasite . Once the threat is ruled out, the Steel Saints returns to remotivée movement determined to defeat all remaining enemy soldiers on Earth.

Final War Againts Saturn

Saturn uses the Chrono Eternal Conclusion that freezes the whole time the inhabitants of the Earth.When all seems lost, Athena gathers the Cosmo of all the other Saints to restore Kouga, who rises again as the ultimate Omega Saint, determined to stop the God of Time once and for all.


After Koga's clash against Saturn, peace is established as the humans begin to rebuild everything after the War.


Lionet Bomber: Ban covers his whole body with flames and then uses his shoulder to tackled his opponent with tremendous force.


  • When Ban use the Lionet Bomber, its body is halo of flame, of its element could be is fire.
  • In the official website of TV Asahi, Ban is considered to a Steel Saints.
  • According to Dione a Pallasites Second Class, the power of Ban is worthy of the legendary generation, which would suggest that it is much stronger than a normal Bronze Saints.