Balor is a character exclusive The Lost Canvas is the god worshiped by the Celts. That appears in The Lost Canvas Chapter Leo and is the main Atagonist.


Age of MythEdit

In the age of myth, Balor, King of the tribe Fomorians, used his power to bend the flourishing race of the Tuatha de Danann, legend has it that the evil power of his eye was able to turn a calm ocean in a sea of ​​fire in moments.

Lost CanvasEdit

222px-Balor Armadura

Balor wears his armor

After arriving from Conner and Regulus , Balor achievement awakening Cruaich Shortly after Regulus invade his palace and is willing to face it. Cruaich unleashes the power of Balor and awakens the evil eye that takes control of Cruaich body, consumed in Balor dark piece of armor covering the arm Regulus . Balor absorbs all the life and light of the room, both of their servants the guardian of Conaire , Balor says not yet accustomed to its host after this comboca to Banshee Shelley to face the three fugitives, while he goes to repair his guest .
Later after the defeat of his Servant , Balor traps Conaire , nearly killed Balor decides release since the Cloth of Leo carried by Regulus will hurt  eyes and reminds armor of his old enemy and grandson Lugh , Balor decides to confront to Regulus , once begun combat superiority achieved Balor hurt Regulus , then Balor combot his armor ready to continue the battle against the Gold Saint , God does seriously hurt Regulus who protected Conaire , but he manages Regulus to get back on their feet, beating the god and destroys its host .

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