Baldr, the Man Chosen by God is the eighth episode of Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold.

Synopsis Edit

Shaka arrives at the Light Chamber and goes up against God Warrior Baldr. Befitting for his title, “The Man Closest to God,” Shaka unleashes powerful moves against Baldr. However, Baldr is unfazed by Shaka’s attacks, and displays overwhelming power. His power was truly the power of “God,” but Shaka starts to see through the curse hidden inside of Baldr. On the other hand, Deathmask takes his sworn enemy Fafner to Yomotsu Hirasaka in order to settle the score. However, Deathmask is put in great danger due to Fafner’s evil plans. Will Deathmask be able to protect a loved one this time?

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

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