The Auriga Cloth Stone is Almaaz's cloth in omega era


Auriga Cloth Stone a resemblance to the original series Cloth light , although at first glance would not be recognized as such. First the colors are uniquely different , changing from purple (or simple silver as Kurumada had conceived ) to a silver with red and green olive , unconventional color in the work, and adorned with deep black edges .The helmet is no longer a protection for face and ears with a ridge in the center of the head , now has the image similar to the head of a goat with its horns , could be explained as a nod to the previous bearer of Cloth , Capella whose name literally means " little goat " .Shoulder pads are what best preserves the original design , being very attached to shoulder ovals, but went from one to two. The breastplate , arms , seat and legs are modified taking away any distinctive ership , leaving only items like knee pads, elbow pads and red bibs , noting that the Holy element is fire.