Auriga Almaaz (馭者座(アウリガ)のアルマーズ, Auriga no Arumāzu) is the Auriga Silver Saint in the era of Omega, who also betrayed Athena.


Almaaz is Silver saint, in this era, where Mars is the Pope, so that he was faithful to Him, see Bronze saint traitor kidnapped "Athena". almaaz also a loyal servant to Hornet Sonia . As Silver saint, respect the rules and all become not hesitate to kill when it Pavlin Peacock mask off.

Plot (Mars-Hen)

When Peacock Pavlin volunteers to crush the rebels and rescue Athena, Almaaz is one of the Silver Saints, with Reticulum Balazo and Sagitta Sham , who distrust the Peacock Pavlin they do not believe that is able to kill one the rebels as her student is Aquila Yuna , so follow Pavlin and contemplate hidden confrontation with Yuna. When Pavlin prove that do not want to end his student, decided to intervene and deal with both. Pavlin orders Yuna to go and meet with their peers, as she faces three Silver Saints, but first remove the mask, indicating the three who are willing to end their lives. Pavlin uses his technique Peacock Blizzard and ends the battle, apparently killing three Silver Saints and his own life.


Auriga is one of the 48 constellations listed by the 2nd-century astronomer Ptolemy, and remains one of the 88 modern constellations. Located north of the celestial equator, its name is the Latin word for "charioteer", associating it with many mythological charioteers. Auriga is most prominent during winter evenings in the Northern Hemisphere, along with the five other constellations that have stars in the Winter Hexagon asterism. Because of its northern declination, Auriga is only visible up to 34° south; for observers further south it lies partially or fully below the horizon. It is a large constellation, with an area of 657 square degrees. This is more than 1200 times the size of the full moon, 50% of the size of the largest constellation, Hydra, and over 9 times the area of the smallest constellation, Crux.

Origin of the Name

His name comes from Almaaz, a proper name of Epsilon Aurigae, one of stars in constellation Auriga. The other proper name of this star are Haldus and Al Anz. Almaaz is derived from the Arabic اَلْمَاعَزْ al-mā'z meaning "(billy) goat".