Look, a rock is made of nothing but atoms, and so is your body, and my body. So is everything on Earth, and so are the stars in the sky. When you destroy something, you are destroying its atoms. Do you understand that?

Eagle Marin to Pegasus Seiya, Episode 1: A New Era of Heroic Legends.

Atomic destruction
Atomic destruction Marin demonstrates atomic destruction in Episode 1.
Name Data
English name Atomic destruction
Original N/A
Alternate names Material destruction
Ability Data
Sense attributed Intuition
Classification Physical ability
Known users Saints, specters, mariners etc.
Techniques Several
Related abilities
Related techniques
Real World Data
Manga debut Volume 1, Chapter 1
Anime debut Episode 1

Atomic destruction refers to the ability of destroying atoms, which has been shown by nearly every warrior in the many incarnations of Saint Seiya, starting with the original series.

Concept Edit

Atomic destruction is very well known among saints and other groups that need to train each new generation, and consists in the destruction of atoms. As atoms form everything from a person's body, to the air, the water, the light, and everything else in the known Universe, the ability is highly versatile.

References Edit

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