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is the realm of the god Poseidon, ruler of the Seven Seas. According to the legend, the kingdom once was a continent situated above water, but after a Holy War between Athena and Poseidon it was submerged and became a lost continent.

The Kingdom of Poseidon covers 2 / 3 parts of the world. It is an idyllic and quiet, full of rocky, beautiful waterfalls, staircases, columns, stone paths paved floor slabs and coral reefs of beautiful colors. Seven Pillars supporting a hypothetical Ocean dome, which is the basis for holding back the waters of the sea. The seas are based on the vast and wonderful bubble sustained by Pillars seem a sky sparkling with colors of turquoise, greenish white and blue, while the air is breathable under the seabed, giving the kingdom of Poseidon a very attractive and moving image. This is due to Poseidon's cosmo, which, albeit still dormant, is able to generate this sort of protecting dome which prevents his realm from flooding.

Just as Athena is the protector of the land and her Gold Saints are inspired by the 12 Zodiacal signs, protecting each 12 Temples dedicated to each sign, Poseidon is the god of the seas and oceans and he is protected by warriors of 7 golden Scales, called Marine Generals, its mission is to guard and defend the 7 Pillars of the 7 seas every General represents the sea that is assigned. In the center of this world is the temple of Poseidon and the central pillar of the empire. The temple of Poseidon is surrounded by the seven pillars of each of the seven oceans of the world. It is impossible to open even a crack in the central pillar, Sanctuary's vital spot underwater until the seven pillars have fallen one after another.

Altantis Layout

1 - Poseidon's Temple

2 - Pilar Home Support

3 - Pillar of the North Pacific

4 - Pillar of the South Pacific

5 - Pillar of the Indian Ocean

6 - Pillar of the Antarctic Ocean

7 - Pillar of the Arctic Ocean

8 - Pillar of the North Atlantic

9 - Pillar of the South Atlantic

The 7 Oceans Pillars Edit

The 7 Oceans Pilars are protected by their respective General Marine warriors of Poseidon wearing golden Scales representing mythical creatures of the seas, Hippocampus, Scylla, Chrysaor, Lymnades, Sea Dragon, Kraken and Mermaid. As stated before, the 7 Pillars hold each an Ocean and ensure the continuity of the underwater sanctuary, and some protection of the Main Breadwinner, a central Pillar of the kingdom. These huge columns are scattered about the planet and how to access them there is only one Pillar own way home, to destroy the invaders are forced to go home once the focus of the sanctuary at the temple of Poseidon, which makes them lose long. In addition the Pillars are not ordinary, they are particularly resistant, virtually indestructible, and on top are protected by the Marine Generals, the strongest of warriors of Poseidon's army.

The Temple of PoseidonEdit

Central point of the Atlantis realm, the Temple of Poseidon is also the most important building. Really great, it seems, however, only the top is functional. The interior is poorly known, since only three rooms on the screen. Athena's bedroom, the room with the scales and the throne of Poseidon. The temple is located under the Cape Sounion, Greece in the Aegean Sea. The temple has greek architecture. Itself is a multi-level building surrounded by stairs. It seems like a mountain whose summit stands the gigantic temple. After long series of steps, one arrives at the front. It seems to follow strict artistic style closest to the Greek Roman architectural given the amount of ornamentation and the use of typical Greek forms. The temple is symmetrical and its entrance is at the center. On either side has two ships that stretch to the corners and in them two smaller ships rather advanced. All items are typical of the classic: several rows of columns with decorated friezes at the top and the entrance gable roof and sculptures on the pediment. It also has 4 winged sculptures at the entrance of which are supposed to be sea creatures like sea horses, sea horses and mermaids. Inside, the temple also includes private apartments, long stairways and relaxing walks surrounded by water. The Hall of the Scales is a huge space in which they are deposited on golden pedestals Poseidon scales, surrounded by the 7 scales Sea Marine generals, all in an arc in the center of the vase which is sacred to Athena retaining the soul of the god Poseidon, locked in the last holy war among themselves, No one knows exactly where this room in the vastness of the temple. The Poseidon's Throne Room is located opposite the entrance of the temple against the back wall. After climbing a long stairway outside, cross a double door that keeps access massive finally decorated with an immense relief of the trident of Poseidon, and after climbing stairs with a very steep slope, you reach the great hall of the emperor's throne seas. The interior is vast and rather Spartan, as the throne of the god of the sea seems to be the only piece of furniture placed against the wall. This wall has the distinction of being able to rise and provide a direct opening to the paved road leading to the central pillar of the empire, which can be seen after rising in the wall through an unusual mechanism activated by Poseidon. A staircase descends to a level below the throne room, to a large open hall flanked by two aisles with columns. The rear facade of the temple also has an interest, the nave is ahead of the rest of the building. It is destroyed and sunk at the end of the holy war along with Atlantis and the undersea realm.

The mainstay of the Kingdom of the SeasEdit

It is the central pillar of the Sanctuary of Poseidon and its existence affecting the safety of his empire, which would be swallowed by the waters. This pillar is indestructible while the seven pillars are not demolished, and even when folded down, the main breadwinner can withstand the assaults of several arms of Libra without suffering a scratch. Despite its strength, is hollow and encloses Poseidon Athena Saori inside for her to receive water intended to plunge the earth goddess the sacrifice of human pillar will make it even tougher. The mainstay is the backbone of the Submarine Shrine. Column is the largest in the kingdom of Poseidon and its visible from anywhere in Atlantis. Unlike the other seven pillars of its appearance and its size, is able to keep the waters of the globe itself. However, the seven pillars will serve as protection, since while one of them is intact, it is simply impossible to destroy the mainstay. The great pillar just behind the temple of Poseidon is the largest building of all of which are under the oceans, ocean holds the dome with the help of the other 7, but can sustain itself throughout the empire submarine to be demolished must be destroyed before the other pillars. It is the most powerful pillar of all and thicker. Like the other pillars, but also has a base of this pillar is huge, it's like amount under. To access the pillar you have to cross the Temple of Poseidon, who guards the only entrance and have to climb the endless stairs that is, is like a pyramid. The pillar is huge and totally devoid of decorations and is of square section with edges and faces achanfladas are simply smooth. His section tapers gradually to its peak. Separated by a short paved road from the Temple of Poseidon, the main breadwinner has the distinction of having a door and a window. Indeed, the most unique feature of this pillar is the fact that this hole and once the door and window were closed, four water taps in the shape of a lion inside flooded, drowning the person who is confined there. At ground level has walkways that intersect in the middle, this is the only breadwinner in the pillar. Inside the column has a column in the 4 corners up to the end.

In The Lost CanvasEdit

In The Lost Canvas, besides the Temples and the Pillars, Atlantis is pictured as a city with houses and streets, but completely deserted, laying dormant until Poseidon's awakening.


In the original manga, Kanon found a gateway to Atlantis while prisoner at Cape Suonion Prison. After removing Poseidon's Trident from a rock, he was instantly transported to Poseidon's Temple in Atlantis where he found himself in the throne room.

Later, the Bronze Saints travelled to Atlantis by jumping into a whirlwind in the the North Pole frozen sea.

In The Lost Canvas, there is a gateway to Atlantis in the library of Bluegrad, behind a door marked with Poseidon's Trident symbol. This door was sealed by Athena in the previous Holy War. When the seal was removed, Degel, Kardia and Unity were transported to Atlantis.

Appearances Edit

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