Athena Exclamation (Soul of Gold)

The Athena Exclamation in Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold

The Athena Exclamation (アテナエクスクラメーション Atena Ekusukuramesshonn?) is the ultimate forbidden technique when three Gold Saints are together. They infuse their entire cosmos, and unleash the power that is equal to that of the Big Bang.

If the technique were to collide against each other, the exponential increase in power would cause terrible damage to both the opponent and the surroundings. By her own name who prohibits dishonourable fighting, Athena banned all Gold Saints from using this technique throughout all of history, whereas the technique is considered cowardly (bring three against one).

Whoever dares uses this technique, will be regarded as a barbaric and dishonorable person that can never be called a Saint anymore, regardless of the intent.

Known UsersEdit

18th Century Edit

20th Century Edit

21st Century

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