Asgardians Soldier are a warrior corps serving Polaris Hilda and Asgard in the saga of the same name. Also appearing in the Movie, commanded by Dolbar.


Asgard ArcEdit


Detail outfit A Soldier.

They have brief appearances in the series.
them chasing Thor , when he got deep into the lands of Hilda to hunt. On one of the occasions They were exposed to killing him, but Hilda's intervention saved the life of Thor. When Hyoga infiltrates the Valhalla Palace , a group of soldiers are responsible for their capture. Later, when Hyoga escapes with Freya , several groups of these soldiers are finding mission. One group found, but can not do anything against the Bronze Saints . Only one soldier is able to escape, carrying the news Palace.


At the beginning of the film, we see a group of these soldiers, chasing a mate, which reaches Siberia . Hyoga group faces and defeats him. The soldier who has escaped, badly wounded, seeks help from Hyoga. Throughout the film, they are seen performing escort duties and Hyoga search as it disappears to get to Asgard.




Asgard Soldiers have an outfit similar to that worn by Sanctuary Soldiers , shield on the chest, and arms rodilas. The hulls of these warriors have horns, typical in the Nordic countries. They also carry a shield on his left arm.


  • The group of soldiers was created for the second movie, and reused in the Asgard saga as inspiration for one another.

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