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Date of birth

March 30

Astrological sign









Gold Saints, The Grand Pope


Aries Cloth






Crystal Wall
Stardust Revolution
Sekishiki Tenryō-ha


1.85 m


77 kgs

Blood type


Love interest / Girl friend

Crane Yuzuriha



Voiced by

Shin-ichiro Miki

Aries Shion is a close friend of Gold Saint Libra Dohko, and the only other survivor of the previous generation of Saints together with Dohko.

Personality Edit

Shion was a very smart and strong man, loyal to his beliefs and above all, to Athena. He respected all of his fellow Saints and his master, who saved his life when he was a child. He is also very protective of lower ranking saints.


Before becoming a Saint, he was a student of Hakurei. He lived and trained in Jiamir where he learned how to repair Cloths. Shion possessed a unique ability to be able to see the previous lives of Saints when in contact of wounded Cloths. One day while he was repairing the cloths, he encountered a mysterious man who offers him the chance to see the story of all humans, past, present and future. When Shion was about to accept, the Cloths started to move, and the man noticed that even when Shion was spying on them, they were asking him to stay. However, Shion's desire to go made him start destroying the Cloths... until he found his master's Altar Silver Cloth. The story and feelings emanating from it were warm and melancholic. Shion asks the man for more time to consider his offer. The man then tells him that one of humanity's greatest sins was hesitation, and slashes him with a black whip, wounding him deeply. Shortly thereafter, the man reveals himself to be Balron Lune, the Celestial Excellence Star, and leaves. About to die, the Cloths protected Shion until his master found him. Hakurei makes another wound in his arm and passes blood from his body to Shion's, allowing the boy to live again.


Lost CanvasEdit

Before The War

Aries shion

Shion in The Lost Canvas

In Lost Canvas, Shion is a close friend of Libra Dohko. He is a descendant of the People from the Lost Continent and is a disciple of Altar Hakurei, and former training partner of Crane Yuzuriha.

Shion is first introduced when returning to Sanctuary from Jiamir. He is also the one who kills Worm Raimi when the Spectres infiltrated Sanctuary to attack Sasha. He saves Tenma and Athena from Raimi's attack and defeats him with little effort.

Mission In ItalyEdit

Two years later, Shion and Dohko are forced to kill three Silver Saints brought back to life by Hades. Feeling guilty, he intents to redeem himself by asking to be sent on a mission to Italy with Libra Dohko, Pegasus Tenma, Unicorn Yato and other Silver Saints. When they arrive in Italy, the hometown of Tenma was destroyed and burning to the ground. They encounter Hades, who had taken over the body of Tenma's best friend Alone. Hades attacks the Saints and kills everyone but Shion, Dohko and Yato. However, Yato was burried in rubble so Shion and Dohko return to Sanctuary alone and report back to Athena of the events.

In SanctuaryEdit

Later Shion went to the village outside of Sanctuary, stopping protecting a girl from Griffin Minos. Shion gets bound by Minos' "Cosmic Marrionettion" but is cut off with the return of a wounded Pisces Albafica. He then witnesses the last battle between Pisces Alfabica and Griffin Minos. After Alfabica's death, Minos was about to use the last of his power to destroy the village, but his attack was stopped by Shion's "Crystal Wall". He leaves with Alfabica's body back to the Sanctuary, on his way he encounters a messenger from Jiamir who asks to be taken to the Pope's Chamber. There they learn that Hades can revive his specters, but also that Pegasus would be coming back to life.

Later Shion felt one prescence coming in the Pope's chamber and hurried there, and crossing the house of Cancer he saw Manigoldo, who gave him the Pope's Helment and told him to give it to his master Harukei from behalf of his brother Sage, the Pope and then vanished, leaving only the Cancer Gold Cloth. Shion arrives to the Pope's Chamber after hearing the battle plans of attacking hades castle and found his master in the Pope's Chamber readying for battle and asks him if he is going somewhere else, then they start an argument and when Shion leaves his master has already leaved.

Hades CastleEdit

Shion appears later along with Yuzuriha defeated by the God Hypnos inside Hades castle when their master was about to face the god of Sleep. Hakurei then starts his fight with the god and after a few moments and attacks from the God, Hakurei uses the Infernal waves to bring back the souls of his commarades from the previous war and then releases his Ultimate technique "Praesepe Celestial Waves", the technique joinded all the souls into one gigant energy sphere; Hakurei launched the attack at Hypnos, but he stopped with his hands, Hakurei then used his own soul to power the attack and finally defeat the God, Hypnos then tried to take over the body of Hakurei, but was sealed inside the chest that he put in himself. Shion watched his master go to the center of the barrier and when he was about to destroy the seal of the barrier, Hades appeared and killed Hakurei. Shion enraged attacked Hades but was easily stopped by the God and returned to him, then he tried to acomplish waht his master died trying, to detroy the barrier with the sword with Athena's blood, but Hades destroyed it and attacked Shion once again when Hades was about to finish them off Dohko and Tenma arrived and stop the attack. Tenma attacked Hades but once again hades reflected the attack to Tenma, then showed them how he tricked Athena's army and killed almost all of them. Tenma enraged attack Hades but he's easily defeated, but his rage promts him to attack again, this time Hades dons his sword and when was about to strike down Tenma, Dohko blocked the attack with his shield, wich was split in half due to the attack. Dohko and Tenma attacked together but the attack was easily countered by Hades own attack wich defeated all saints at once. Dohko then stood up and took off the upper part of his cloth and started burning his cosmos, then he attacked Hades, wich gave Shion the chance to leave Hades Castle with Tenma and Yuzuriha. Shion is then see in the Pope's chamber with Sisyphos and learns from Crow that Italy has been raised into the sky and has become Hades new Fortress and is commanded that they will now attack The Lost Canvas by Athena.

In The Lost CanvasEdit

Later he has been seen repairing the Saint's Cloths at Sanctuary, and Sisyphos went to the place where he was and leave together to Jamin. Shion witness the fight between Sisyphos and Aiacos and together with Sisyphos and Regulus he opened the gate to the Lost Canvas with Athena Exclamation, the last attack of Sisyphos before he died. There he survived the voyage through the clouds which turned all those who turned back into stone and defeated Acheron Charon shortly after with ease after taking them to the other side of the Sea of Clouds. After getting to the other side they entered in the First Demon Temple: Mercury (第1魔宮水星 Dai ichi Makyū Mākyurī?), along with Athena, Regulus and Tenma, which they passed through freely, arriving then to the Second Demon Temple: Venus (第2魔宮金星 Dai ni Makyū Vīnasu?). Shion then meets the guardian of the Temple, Balron Lune, and challenges him. After a ferocious battle that made Shion confront his past sins and encounter the Saints of the past in the eternal torment of Cocytus, the Aries Gold Saint managed to use a technique that he learned empirically from his master, the Praesepe Celestial Wave (積尸気転霊波 Sekishiki Tenryōha?), thus obliterating René. The Specter then realized that Shion was able to be the link between the past and future generation, as the future Pope of Sanctuary. Afterwards, Shion proceeded to rejoin his comrades.

The Last BattleEdit

Shion de aries patriarca by darkalx-d3htrxc

shion as Pope

Shion arrives after Regulus death in the battle against Rhadamanthys and proceedes to join Dohko when Tenma and Athena were fighting Hades. After a fierce battle, Shion and Dohko attack Hades, now fully awoken, Shion summons the other 10 Gold Cloths to attack Hades with the Golden Light, but it was not enough. After the spirits of the other Gold Saints returned they finally expelled Hades from Alone's body, but Shion collapsed from exhaustion and he and Dohko are transported back to Earth in the Sanctuary by Athena and is decreed as the next Pope to prepare for the next Holy War.

Power and abilitiesEdit

Superhuman Strength: As a Gold Saint Shion had the strenght to destroy a gigant boulder with a single finger and cause inmence damage with one hit.

Cosmos Mastery: As a former Gold Saint, Shion has fully mastered the 7th sense, what gave him great power and the ability to move at the speed of light. Shion is among the most powerful of Athena's Gold Saints.

Inmense Psychic Power: Shion is naturally gifted with great psychic powers that allow him to have control over telekinesis, telepathy and even teleportation.

He is also versed in the ways of Cloth restoration.

Saint PowersEdit


Stardust Revolution

Stardust Revolution: Stardust technique that uses as raw material to create a shower of stars that is fired at the opponent. In the anime The Lost Canvas, the stardust was also used to form, beyond the stars, a huge stream of energy.


Crystal Wall

Crystal Wall: The technique creates a barrier that acts as a strong defense. The staying power of Crystal Wall is hard to contain a Gigantic sucifiente Feathers Flap for Griffin Minos. Shion demonstrates the ability to manipulate the stroke and make it take several formats.

Praesepe Celestial Wave: A technique that fuses all souls around the user into one gigant energy shpere, capable of defeating a God. Shion learned this technique empirically from his master and used it agains Lune.


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