Aries Gateguard (牡羊座のゲートガード, Ariesu no Gētogādo) is a character from Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas - Chronicles. He is one of 88 Saints Athena known as the Saints who protect their goddess through the generations. Gateguard is also one of the 12 Gold Saints, which is protected by the constellation of Aries and thus carries this Cloth.


In the Past

Sometime during before the holy war of the 15th century against Hades, Gateguard suffered brainwashing and served the Emperor of the Dead instead of Athena.

Holy War of the Century XV

Gateguard appears accompanied by several fairy in the place where Sage Cancer and Hakurei had faced, mentioning that all the fairies and the souls who were there exploded like gunpowder due to the "users of scary Hell waves". Both then suddenly destroy themselves because they are too close to the Gold Saints in order to prevent it, but the attempt does not work against Gateguard that then firm that no one had prevented him from fulfilling his mission. After "regret" for the loss of "Sage", but then mention that their "sacrifice" allowed an annoying setback for a silver knight who had the power of a Gold Saint and could also replace the Grand Master, Gateguard , preventively, decides to send the fairy underworld in search of the brothers, ordering that after the find should eliminate them. Later, Gateguard reaches the Great Hall Master which crosses the chest of Itia, killing him. Later Gateguard had been killed before the end of the Holy War,


Gateguard is cited by Sage and Hakurei when Avenir appears wearing his armor Aries, suspicious that someone had replaced.

Holly Wars XVIII Century

During the climax of the battle Altar Hakurei against the god of sleep Hypnos, the Silver Knight conjures the soul of Aries Knight along with the other warriors of the sixteenth century with his technique, March of the Spirit in order to defeat the god and the seal on Pandora's Box. Once Sage have defeated Hypnos, his soul returned to the afterlife


  • Force Soar (フォースソア, Fōsu Soa):