Ariane Wire
The Ariadne Wire is an accessory used by Pisces Cardinale to find the way through the Labyrinth; this wire is later used by Saori Kido and Virgo Shijima.


  • This item is based on the spool of thread given to the mythological King Minos' daughter, Princess Ariadne, by the inventor of the Labyrinth, Daedalos. Ariadne in turn gave it to her beloved, the hero Theseus, to help him escape the Labyrinth after destroying the Minotaur. This also connects to Griffon Minos's use of threads for his technique Cosmic Marionation.
  • The mythological counterpart for this wire is the origin of the modern word "clue", a tool used to solve puzzles (such as the Labyrinth).

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