This Servant of Athena is a character exclusive spin-off anime, Saint Seiya Omega, is one of the Servants of Athena attending Aria.


It is  Aria Servant atendin Aria when he was captured in Castelle Mars.. Appear when Aria reached by passing through Athena at Palestra as Pegasus Kōga inrrumpe in achieving Athena's chambers reacting to Aria and stopped and defeated by Ionia Capricorn. Later in achieving Babel Tower be Invasted by the Bronze Saints; Pegasus Kōga , Aquila Yuna, Wolf Haruto, Lionet Sōma and Dragon Ryūhō . After that Orion Eden manages to defeat Pegasus Kōga andAquila Yuna. Aria rob them and the Bronze Saints are going to the Mars Castle Mars to rescue Aria .Aria tells them no longer there and which had led to the Thunder Ruins. Then appears in the memories of Hornet Sonia with Medea telling that he had to kill Southern Cross Kazuma.

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