Aria (Aria') An unidentified, seemingly amnesiac young girl, who Ionia claims is Athena's true self. She commands the element of Light.


She does not talk much, and is actually a girl who is very unknown. Apparently, has no memory, which is reflected in her sad eyes. The only thing that is certain is that she is not Athena. She is handled like a doll by Ionia by his abilities of Capricorn and reaches herself when she burst into tears and begs help for Pegasus Kōga to save her when the spell temporarily made ​​by Capricorn Ionia "wakes her up" through contact between the light cosmo of the boy and girl (both light .)

She has kindness in her heart, which is evident when she warned Pegasus Kōga to flee in the presence of Capricorn Ionia , knowing that he would never have a chance against him



Koga y aria

Aria and Koga birth

Aria has divine origin, appeared with a meteorite falling to earth in battle of Athena with Mars attracted to the shock of both cosmos, is the embodiment of light, and was born with Pegasus Kōga who is the embodiment of darkness. Mars stayed with Aria and Athena (Kido Saori) with Pegasus Kōga.


After that this came under the tutelage of Medea and under army protection Martians but this was all by locked in one of the towers of the Medea Castle . Constantly young Orion Eden visited her despite orders Medea not to, this caused that come to feel a great friendship for both this gave her a crystal necklace which meant a lot to her.


When it arrives in a magnificent carriage Palestra being received in the central building of Capricorn Ionia the director of the company of two ladies ready for care. Pegasus Kōga would get it, thinking that it was Saori , and her desire to see her would motivate you to defeat three subjects of Mars to be surprised that the Palestra Athena is not the real Athena, who soon made ​​reproach. But when Koga's hand made contact with the girl a great light is released from the body of the girl. The meeting of two people whose cosmos resides in the same power of light causes a reaction and "Athena" is aware of where she is, regaining control of herself and her conscience. She is aware that it is not true and that Koga is not lying, so bursting into tears like a child confused, wondering who she is and saying she knows nothing. Koga is worried, and she in that time comes Ionia, who reveals his treachery, and invokes his cloth when Koga bravely confronts him. Ionia would take "Athena" and dark cosmo would eventually retake control over it. With the power of the girl, the real barrier imposed on Palestra fell, allowing the darkness to take over the academy. Finally, she was leaving the building in the company of Ionia, recovering his eyes sad but instantly remembering the cosmo left by Koga.

Babel TowerEdit

Driven to the Sanctuary of the Twelve Houses, would be used, this time for Mars in person, to destroy the site and begin construction of the "New Sanctuary" Babel Tower . Such action would cause the building girl fainted and was taken, again, by Ionia to an internal lake and deposited there. Unconscious, the cosmo of Aria begin to turn and spin a wheel that has huge dark at the top of Babel, while projecting a seal in heaven. Koga and his friends would go to the rescue of Aria, and would be the Pegasus Saint with Yuna who would with where it lies. At that time, Pegasus Kōga would appreciate for the help she had given him earlier and she would say with tears for the first time his name.

Battle In The RuinsEdit

Aria in Thunder Ruins

Aria in Thunder Ruins

During the escape from the Tower Of Babel, Aria, Koga and Yuna meet Leo Mycenae who guarded the pillar of light which absorbed the cosmos of the Saints of Palestra. Koga was going to confront him but Aquila Yuna escapes with him, finally releasing Aria from the tower. Yuna is left with Aria who does promise to Koga to protect her end up seperated from the other Bronze Saints. This leads to a journey together with her ​​bronze saints and she becomes good freinds with Aquila Yuna and the other Bronze saints. Upon reaching the ruins of Earth, the other saints beat the traitor Hydrus Ichi (Omega), Caelum Michelangelo and his golems for free passage to the Earth reactor which she destroyes with Wolf Haruto.

On the way to the next location the saints find a girl with psychic powers called Raki , who accompany them to have their cloths repaired but are attacked by Cerberus Dore who intends to kill Raki and take Aria but is ultimately killed by Pegasus Kōga .

After this, Aria and the group make it to the ruins of the Fire and Water Ruins which she helps destroys using Lionet Sōma and Dragon Ryūhō. After this event, Pegasus Kōga offers Aria an opportunity to live with him and Saori when she is rescued. She is overjoyed, but happiness is interrupted when Orion Eden completely defeats Pegasus Kōga and takes Aria back.

After a serious discussion, Aria convinces Eden to take her to the final ruins of Lightning, which is attacked by Pegasus Kōga, Aquila Yuna, Wolf Haruto , Ophiuchus Shaina ( Omega ) , Dragon Ryūhō and Lionet Sōma along with Shaina. At the top of the ruins, Kouga and Eden do battle once again, however Aria, in an attempt to get them to stop, runs in the middle of their bout, causing the three to drop into the Darkness Ruins.


Tumblr mbng12cKR51rxkfkvo1 500

Aria vs Mars

Aria is faced with a shadow version of herself, which tells her that she is not as innocent as she pretends to be. She tells Aria that she allowed herself to be manipulated and helped use her powers of light to bring about destruction. Basically, she was just as much to blame as Mars. Ouch. Darkness consumes her as we cut to Eden, who sees a young Aria, pleading for Eden to free her, and see Mars use his powers to do her harm. He's met by a larger version of Mars and his mother (seeing them from a perspective of a child), and they tell him he has to become the king of the new world. He begins to understand that it was his fault for not standing up to his parents to save Aria, instead just trying to live up to his parents' expectations.Eden allows the darkness to take over him because of his failures, but Aria senses his pain and uses her Light cosmos to break out of her own darkness in an attempt to save him. The darkness fights back, working hard to imprison her, and she has to admit to herself that she has helped in the harming of others, and she cannot truly be forgiven for that. . .They are interrupted by Kouga, who is deeply confused by his Dark cosmos, but when the shadow Athena tells him that his powers are strong enough to defeat Mars, and an illusion of Mars is presented before him, holding a helpless Athena, Kouga has to try and use them to help her. The idea that these new powers are strong enough to defeat Mars is staggering to him. He begins to let his own powers wash over him, but Aria stops him, calming him down. She tells him to have faith in his light, and banishes the darkness, telling it to not pull him down into the abyss. The illusions banish, and the group is reunited with everyone. Kouga is upset, asking how he was even able to use Light cosmos in the first place. Aria tells him that it's because he always believed in the light in his heart, which seems to help him.Aria and Kouga destroy the Dark Elemental Core, and it drops another crystal, a dark one that Aria uses her light to change into a crystal of light for Kouga to use. Aria tells him not to worry, as she trusts in him to withstand the darkness, as he is strong enough, and that she'll stay with him to keep him from sinking into that darkness. Kouga tells Aria about how the two of them coming to this world on a meteor, and they share a moment. Mars decides to make his appearance at this point, trying to obtain Aria once more, but Kouga and the rest come to her aid. Aria tells Mars that she has seen the world, and that she believes it to be a beautiful place that she wishes to protect. Mars asks if even the corrupts and greed of humanity is beautiful, and she agrees that even that is worth protecting.Mars goes for Aria, trying to take her by force, but our heroes jump into action, all working together and using their best attacks against this giant. However, Mars proves that they young Saints are no match for him, effortlessly smacking them back down like flies. Aria rushes to their side, and Mars demands she come with him, but Aria remains defiant, saying that she will continue to fight with them, and asks them to lend her their powers. She raises her hand and draws in everyone's Elemental crystals, even Eden's, who has been watching in confusion from the sidelines. The crystals glow and form into a powerful staff, exactly like that of Athena's, and she uses it's power to aid her friends, fend off some of Mars' darkness.Our warriors stand once more to aid Aria, who backs them in battle with her light this time, and while Mars is able to swat down most of them, Kouga breaks through, landing a hit on Mars. However, this embarrassment infuriates him, and he looks to find a source to blame, knowing Aria, whom he has raised from a child, has turned against him. He strikes her down, piercing her chest with his... red beam , stealing her new staff, and leaving as he makes the ruins crumble around the group. Eden and Sonia go with his, Eden calling out frantically to Aria as he is dragged along. The group surrounds Aria, and Aria ends up sending them away, everyone crying over her death


While no one knows for sure whether or not some kind of goddess has been discovered that has come to have a cosmos as big and powerful as the one as only the gods or those who possess the power of one can break the Sanctuary barrier.

  • Another skill that can be noticed is the ability to regenerate and create places estruidos apartir plant life or dead field as was seen when he made a dead zone comezaran plant grow once again.
  • Finally it should be noted that every time he turns cosmo this creates a glow on her white body and sends a warm breeze and tranquilaznate.
  • The last skill that was noticeable was the one with the power of living beings teletrasnportar perhaps giving the ability of any other psychic ability.


  • This girl has a cosmo "as vast as kind" and is as powerful as she could to break the barrier imposed by the very Saori Kido at Palestra .
  • She fulfills the typical role of "Kagemusha", ie a person impersonating another and in the eyes of the world is that person herself.
  • It is believed that purple necklace she wears around the neck is the physical form taken by the employee to submit dark cosmos.

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