300px-Yuna Aquila5
The Omega version weave Aquila Cloth is very elegant and stylish , beautiful and has two large wings on the back , which are of a blue color ; Tiara maintains the shape of the last version , but more curved and has been added in the center an ornament shaped head eagle a golden color with a golden gem . In the case of pads have changed because of the smaller pad there are two more that are superimposed on a circular elongated pointed ends as two smaller wings and have a round gem pink edged in gold. The central block has changed as it has l bigger and has a central jewel decoration on the sides like two golden wings. The skirt has won more protection with a thicker metal parts pink with silver and sides keeps the last lap but more elongated and stylized . The protection of the arms is thicker because it protects more up above the elbows is green with pink accents . The legs have gained greater protection and are more beautiful and elaborate on the top is surrounded by a protective circular pink gem has won a larger size is still pink with gold trim and a green heels are more stylized in alaron side. In if the armor is more elegant and elaborate as it is the result of having awakened the maximum Omega Cosmo.

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