Vers 1Edit

Aquila Cloth

Aquila Cloth (Omega)

Version changed from the old cloth, gems and have legs at the back, a motif symbolizing the eagle legs, waist skirt has a metal, being bound at the waist with a gem the body has a tougher material, possessing a gem in the chest, while the arms have a black tie, forearms a gem in each, the tiara becomes larger and is also added the gem.

When the armature is in his Pandora Box, the eagle is on its two legs, with outstretched wings, the body of the Aquila is made the chest and shoulders, while the tail is formed by the skirt and belt, neck eagle represents the arms and head of the Aquila Cloth.

Vers 2Edit

When the armor shows signs of Omega, the wings were added to the cloth, allowing Yuna flying at a distance or make their airstrikes.

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