Vers 1

Aquila Yuna ch05
Cloth design Aquila is far from what it was that kind bikini armor carrying Marin . Following standards articulated SSΩ eventually their parts have been merged into one giving an appearance of a ballet tutu . Since Yuna has Asian origin , was given a graceful countenance , but sexy at the same time . Use cloth garments that are part of the shell in white bronze , possibly silk . The head protection is not comprehensive , but mostly covers the dorsal region of the skull and little in front ; possibly look for her long blonde hair . Also noteworthy is the pair of flexible on each side that simulate wings eagle wings .

The parts of their limbs mostly cover their legs and arms symmetrically. To cover the whole legs thighs , knees , shins and calves to her feet . Despite being large protectors are simply and with few details but met aesthetically with a gem in each kneecap and a spoiler for each ankle, also design in these parts evoke adjusted means a slight to give a European flair seventeenth century but also quite the gypsy style. In the arms protection is integral running from the arms , forearms and hands, simple and flat but with a gem for each elbow.

Chest protection is also integrated, and covers the back chest and abdomen, to reach his pelvis where it connects with the shin guards start at her thighs. No shoulder protection itself, because these parts in these areas are fabric and merely aesthetic play a role, like his stole and neck that evoke the top of a French dress ending in a dorsally cut into long wings. Cloth itself is offering a wide body protection with a touch , and conforms to the Westernized appearance of Yuna.

Vers 2

Yuna Shin Cloth
The cloth retains its earlier design with some minor modifications, the guard extends protection Pelvis, the foot is divided knee, heel presents some details changed, the rest of the cloth is identical to the previous version.