Aquarius Hyōga
Armure du Verseau (G.A.)
Japanese 水瓶座氷河
Romanization Akueriasu no Hyōga
Alias(es) Aquarius Saint
General Information
Classification Gold Saint of Athena
Deity Athena
Cloth Aquarius Cloth
Black Cloth
God Cloth
God Robe
Ars Magna
Sacred Sword
Constellation Aquarius
Evil Star
Cosmoenergy Golden
Abilities shown Atomic destruction
Temperature manipulation
Named techniques Diamond Dust
Items used
Biographical Information
Age 24 years
Race Human
Gender Male
Place of birth Russia
Place of training West Siberia, Siberia
Place of death
Blood type A
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Birthday January 23
Height 1,73 cm
Weight 60 kg
Debut Assassin: Chapter 08
Appearances Episode G: Assassin
Japanese voice
English voice
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Aquarius Hyoga is one of the gold saints of the 20th(1986) and 21th Century, Saint Seiya: Next Dimension and in Saint Seiya episode G. Assassin, we see Hyoga as a gold saint of the Aquarius.

On Next Dimension(1986) during his journey through time in the 18th century, Hyoga will collide with its predecessor of his master Camus, ie Aquarius Mystoria, which eventually will proclaim Hyoga as future Gold Saint of Aquarius.

Personality and background

Chronology(Episode G Assassin)

Hyoga who became a bartender will view Shun company who drank a glass of scotch in order to get used to the alcohol in order to have a drink with his brother. The two friends discussed the Shinjuku events after the explanation of Shun, Hyoga decided to investigate in his way.

Gram vs Excalibur
During the Battle of Libra Shiryu who opposed Sigurd, Hyoga encouraged which allowed the Knight of Libra to beat the Gladiator.

Later, Hyoga gave visit Takamichi a former policeman who now works for the Knight and that serves as informant. Hyoga asked for information on the Faceless. After he received the little Takamichi information, Hyoga decided to chase his enemies in his way.

Ice, snow, water and fire
A Hyôga evening he met Shura and went to eat a "perfect constellation." The bartender took a "constellation Aquarius" and Capricorn Knight took a "constellation Capricorn."

Later, the two Knights became attacked by Wadatsumi very quickly Hyôga froze the hand of the girl. During his fight against the Faceless, the Knight froze create a tornado by his opponent by creating a wall of ice that was destroyed by Lancelot had just happened. Hyôga rebuked Wadatsumi was upset by the intervention Gladiator but this reprimand even more annoyed the girl. Later, Knight extinguished fires caused by fighting which earned him the ridicule of Faceless who attacked with several techniques. To protect Hyôga technical equipped himself of the Armor of Aquarius which allowed him to save the rest of the victims. The Knight of Aquarius tried to dissuade Wadatsumi harming civilians but this does not obey and attacked with his Fire Storm and went on with another technique. Having survived the attack on the Faceless, Hyoga immobilized with Kolstø and killed with Diamond Dust in the freezing.

Techniques and abilities

  • Diamond Dust (ダイヤモンドダスト, Daiyamondo Dasuto): Hyoga creates cold air around his fist slowing the atomic motion of the air to form ice (manipulates the atoms of the air particles without destroying them, to stop them, its temperature drops quickly) which is manifested in the form of countless sharp snow crystals that are launched through a cold strong wind (blizzard glacial) capable of reaching and devastating effect freezing cold.
  • Kol'tso (Russian for ring) (カリツォー, Karitsō): Hyoga launches on his index finger rings of icy wind that encycles the body of the target stopping its movements.

Cloth, constellation and Temple

Hyoga's guardian constellation is Aquarius, and his Gold Cloth represents it and its associated myth : The beautiful youth Ganymede, loved by Zeus and carried off to Olympus to be his cupbearer, pouring water from his urn.

Although the Aquarius constellation is mostly represented by a young man, it is also sometimes depicted as a young maiden. Stereotypical androgynous manga/anime aestethics aside, it is the reason why Masami Kurumada designed Camus blending masculine and feminine traits in his physique: he drew him with long red nails and his hair was red in the manga. In the anime adaptation, his hair was turquoise-colored to generate a better color balance and contrast, and his nails had normal-length.

The temple he guarded was known both in manga and the anime adaptation as HouBeiKyuu, the "Temple of the Treasured Urn".

Predecessor and successor


Aquarius Camus


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