Aquarius Cloth in Omega
Aquarius cloth stone retains similar but different to that of the original cloth structure , thighs and feet are nearly identical to those of said release but not the details present in the same , the arms also retain a design almost identical height although elbow protection becomes wider , the forearms are different than the aforementioned version though design "basic" in the characters of omega , the pads are different from the manga version of the classic but "fall" and its details are completely different , neck it is visibly identical to that of the aforementioned version that unifies with dare chest of a gem which has a blue or green color, the rest of that protection is different and a more " smooth " design and has recorded on it various details to front by Camus version , the boots are identical in design to that version , the protective belt is completely different and is composed of six guards, two on each side of the overlapping waist between giving each other a resemblance to the classic manga, in the center of the front is found a third protection that protects the pelvis and reaches almost the height of the thigh pads in the center of it is almost completely the same color as the gem , the last protection is a bit "bigger " than the pelvis protector is located in the back of the saint.


210px-Armadura Acuario Ego Omega
A curse imposed by Medea , the " Ego" of  Aquarius Cloth Stone is an evil spirit that inhabits the holy armor and acts as its "mind" (though the armor itself is endowed with consciousness ) . The Ego manifests as a black skull with red eyes located in the abdomen when used by a warrior Cloth . the " Ego" requires carrier meets all of orders , otherwise will not be accepted as a legitimate bearer of the Aquarius Cloth Stone. Tokisada had to accept the conditions imposed by the "Ego " and so became a slave of the spirit. Medea had told Tokisada the cloth is characterized by a "dominant " personality which would give greater powers Tokisada but should also become the slave of the cloth who would control until deemed worthy of carrying the cloth .

The ego is played by Hirohiko Kakegawa Voiced , which had previously held the role of other characters from Saint Seiya, as Leon Ban Minor, Medusa and Phaeton.

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