Apophis (アポフィス, Apofisu) is a character in the franchise of Saint Seiya Episode G. Evil snake-goddess of the sun from the Egyptian pantheon, inside whom Hyperion was sealed.

Appearance Edit

Apophis has human body and arms, but snake head; furthermore, several snakes are part of her body. Although not easily visible, Apophis has breasts and bra in every panel where she appears (e.g. inspect the image on this page), therefore this deity is a female goddess.

Plot Edit

Apophis was originally an Egyptian goddess of the Sun. After a battle in the age of myths, Aton-Ra became the new Sun-God and Apophis became his opposite and opponent, a goddess of darkness and chaos.

After the Titanomachy, the Titans and their allies were imprisoned in the Tartarus, with some exception. Indeed, in a special episode of Saint Seiya Episode G, we learn that an ancient Greek God was sealed inside a tomb in Egypt, but the works for the Aswan Dam damaged the seal. Sagittarius Aiolos, a child Aiolia and the archaeologist Miko Hasegawa enter the tomb and face its guardians. The last and strongest guardian is the goddess Apophis. After all the enemies are defeated, the heroes leave the tomb, but just a little later the seals breaks down completely and the God Pontos gets completely free.

The Greek god Pontos is the evil mastermind in Saint Seiya Episode G. In a flashback, Pontos reveals that the Titan Hyperion, too, was not sealed inside the Tartarus. Instead, this ancient Titan of Sun was sealed inside the body of Apophis herself.

Trivia Edit

In the real Egyptian hieroglyphs, Apophis/Apep is always depicted as a snake-like god, neither male nor female. Megumu Okada (co-author of Saint Seiya G) decided to give it the appearance of a monstrous snake-woman.

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