Aparajita (アパラージタ, Aparajita) is the Holy Sword used by Trivikramasena, Aparajita called The Invincible Sword, it is both the weapon and armor of the Gladiator Chakravartin, one of the Holy Swords introduced in Saint Seiya Episode G - Assassin.

Description Edit

Weapon Edit

It's an massive weapon which is as larger as it's user Trivikramasena. Chakra is a giant cherry and black color.

Armor Edit

When the Aparajita is worn by Trvikramasena, its takes an bulky armored form baring numerous sapphires with the image of an grizzly bear's face engraved on several divisions of the armor such as the legs, knees, arms, waist, body, shoulders, and head. The armor also has an long yellow scarf which is wrapped around the neck and parts of the arms.

Abilities Edit

When not equipped as an armor, Aparajita is an massive an blade capable of easily cutting through heavily armor adversary clean in half with ease. When worn as armor it offers its user an incredible defense being seemingly impervious to most physical attacks. In the fight between Shura and Trivikramasena, Shura has been shown to become injured from his own attacks when attempting to damage the Sacred Sword.

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