Anthrakma Zugylos (紅玉(アントラクマ)の鉄(ジギーロス), Antorakuma no Jigīrosu) is one of the Giants, who faces both Aiolia and Aphrodite at the entrance of the dimension of the Titans. Resembling a giant warrior completely covered in iron splattered with blood, he wields a giant ruby mace which can create blinding flashes of red and destructive waves of resonance that can disintegrate almost anything they touch. The Giant's punches also possess this power. He is first disarmed by Aphrodite's "Piranhan Roses", which destroy his mace, then killed by a combination of "Royal Demon Roses" and "Bloody Rose"


  • Light Hammer Crush (光槌破砕,Kōtsui Hasai)
  • Light Arm Crush (光腕破砕, Kōwan Hasai)

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