Ant Radzinsky (アントのラジンスキー Anto no Rajinsukī?) He leads a small cadre of Martians and battles Kouga, Souma, Yuna, and Haruto all at once in the sea. Radzinsky can use the element of Darkness.


Hide and SeekEdit

Radzinsky and his army ants trying to intercept Koga and his friends while they are doing road to Fire Ruins . The Martians are hidden underground and are then stormed ahead, but the Bronze Saints , who fled under the incredulous eyes of the Martians, manage to fool, and Radzinsky and his men find themselves running in the wrong direction while Saints trump.

Super Sentai ShowEdit

Martians come to understand the deception and visit a seaside town near where they found the young Saints are getting back to work part-time in the pension "Ann and Paulo". The ants go on the attack after quietly listening to young people reflect on the commitment as a Saint. Ants are two against each Saint Radzinsky while fighting alone against Kōga. The Martians are able to have the advantage, while Bronzes are forced to pay attention to the many tourists who watch thinking it is a show organized. Aria is not standing still and even tries to protect Paul and Ann , went out to see what happens when a piece of roof falls on them. Kōga and his friends do not give up and throw each one of their techniques while the Martians line up for their rush over.Pegasus Senko Ken , Flame Desperado , Divine Tornado and Kikkogi against Hells Proceed. The Martians can not fight long against the common front end Bronze Saints and thrown into the sea, where they explode. Tourists for their cheering, confident seeing a superhero show given by itinerant actors.

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