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Altar Hakurei is The Elder brother Cancer Sage, both belong to the people of the continent of Lemuria. He and Cancer Sage led the first part of the Holy War XVI Century.


Holy War XVI CenturyEdit

1596 AD:Hakurei was the Silver Saint of Altar survivor of the previous Holy War. its history has not been well explained. While his brother Altar Hakurei and the other saints were holding the Wraith just outside the sanctuary , Sage appeared and told him to stop Hakurei get the enemy to the Temple of Athena , beyond the twelve houses. Altar agreed it had confidence in Sage and so the match was on the steps of the Temple. Sage is presumed that at that time he was Athena helping find cloth with which they could beat the Wraith and Hades .

However when everyone believed that the victory had come, the gods appeared Hypnos and Thanatos killing all the other saints, they only thanks to its powerful cosmos and the protection of their goddess survived. So Athena wins chased through The Way of The God and nothing was heard of it.

Lost CanvasEdit

Main Article Hakurei

Lost Canvas (Manga)Edit

Hakurei part in the Holy War against Hades as Silver Saint and alongside his twin brother, Cancer Sage. During the conflict, many of their comrades were killed by Hypnos and Thanatos, which act at a distance. Of those dramas and powerlessness then two Saints born a strong desire for revenge from them against Gods Room.

Once the war was won, Hakurei and Sage, the only survivors in the camp of Athena, began preparations for the inevitable next Holy War. Sage becomes the new Pope, despite the fact Hakurei is his elder brother, he wishes indeed remain in the shadows, and retired to Jamir.


Altar Cloth in 16th Century
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Altar ( Saidanza ) is a silver cloth that appears in the Encyclopedia Taizen. In the original series has an owner, but in Saint Seiya Lost Canvas possessor was Hakurei. Whoever will take the shadow of the Pope and deceive the enemy into believing that is the Pope.


  • Hakurei means "white spirit". It is also the name of the Japanese turnip plant, which fits with the custom of the author Shiori Teshirogi using plant names for the characters that inhabit his creation Jamir.
  • There is no explanation of why Hakurei has been able to reach such an advanced age.
  • There are many parallels between Hakurei and Sage, and Dohko Libra and Aries Shion. Both pairs are the only survivors of the war with the participation of Hades. Despite having a close relationship (of blood in one case, and friendship in the other) from the end of the war living apart, one of each pair as Pope of the Sanctuary, and the other far away, in Jamir in the Hakurei case, and the Peak of the Five Elders in the case of Dohko.
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