Alone is a young painter and also Hades' chosen body for his incarnation in the 18th century, as he possesses the purest soul in Next Dimension.


He host body of Hades is a young painter called Alone. It first appears in an enclosure located in Germany, called the Champs Elysees (due to its resemblance to the Elysian of the Underworld). When he was quietly picking flowers, come Aries Shion and Libra Dohko, who for an instant move were not achieved due to the power of the Emperor (who had not yet fully manifested), when they should cast their Cosmos, Shion plans to assassinate him. However, it is saved by Tenma, Alone childhood friend, who fled with him. When they were talking quietly, Tenma behind his friend observed the presence of Hades, wearing his armor enigmatic. Pandora is driven to a mausoleum where the soul of the God of the Underworld remained locked on his sword, Alone removed a rock and is owned completely. Finally, it is guided by Pandora to his castle.

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