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Aloiothepsilon cloth

Alioth Epsilon Robe

Alioth Epsilon Robe is the God Robe of Fenrir


This God Robe is based on the mythic (were)wolf Fenrir in Norse mythology. Fenrir was the son of Loki and the wicked giantess Angrboda. Fenrir's siblings were the Jormungander (the Midgard Serpent; a giant sea snake large enough to encircle the entire world) and Hel (the queen of the Underworld, whose body was half normal flesh and half withered). At first accepted into Asgard, Fenrir eventually grew so large his jaws could rake across the sky. He also became too ferocious for the gods to handle, so after having the dwarves create a magical thread to bind him, the gods lured Fenrir into the underworld and tricked the wolf into putting on the ribbon; in the process the war god Tyr lost his right hand, as Fenrir demanded one of the gods stick his fist in the wolf's jaws as a guarantee they wouldn't double-cross him. Despite the injury to Tyr, Fenrir was unable to break through the fetter. He is destined to eventually free himself during the Ragnarok (the Nordic Apocalypse) and kill the Father of the Gods, Odin, but will in turn be slaughtered by Odin's son, Vidarr. Before his imprisonment, Fenrir became the father of several wolf sons, including the evil wolves Skoll and Hati, which eternally chase the sun and moon.


Star Epsilon Alioth is in the Ursa Major constellation.