Alioth Epsilon Fenrir (イプシロン星アリオトのフェンリル, Ipushiron Arioto no Fenriru) is one of seven Warriors Gods of Asgard in the series Saint Seiya of Masami Kurumada.


Fenrir was a member of one of the most powerful and rich families in Asgard. One day, when he and his family went hunting, they were attacked by a bear. Helped by wolves and abandoned by humans, he started to live with wolves adopting their life style and deeply hating humans. Later, he was chosen by Hilda as the Epsilon God Warrior. He died fighting against Shiryu when an avalanche fell over him and his wolves.


Wolf Cruelty Claw (ウルフ・クルエルティ・クロウ, Urufu Kurueruti Kurō): Fenrir concentrates its cosmos in his fists, which then makes sharp claws appear out of of his armor, and with their help, and their cosmic energy boost, with their fists in the various rays at the speed of light, which turns out to claw blows thrown away. A multitude of slashes that rip through the opponent's body and cause injuries similar to the claws of a wolf. This attack is kind of hard to dodge, because the claws move at the speed of light and are very fast. Besides the damage that this move does, he is able to slash the opponent and impale them completely. Fenrir was able to beat the "Wrath of the dragon" of Shiryu, who was left heavily injured during the fight.

Northern Wolf Pack Fist (ノーザン群狼拳, Nōzan Gunrōken): Similar to "Killer Wolf Claw," only Fenrir focuses his cosmo in both wrists, and then he shoots several balls of energy reddish tint of which take the form of heads of wolves. These continuous bursts of cosmic-fired power through successive punches the speed of light, destroy everything that is in its path, until it reaches the point determined by Fenrir, tearing the opponent's body with punches and scratches, cutting the skin and giving him a beating of punches that make a big impact pressure by increasing the destructive power of the blow.